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Everything you need to know about KLEEMANN’S MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO mobile impact crusher

February 28, 2024  By Rock To Road Staff

(Photo credit: Kleemann)

KLEEMANN’s MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO mobile impact crusher covers a wide application range in natural stone and recycling. The plant has an all-electric drive concept with the option of an external power supply. The CO2-free operation guarantees low energy consumption per ton of final product.

Here are highlights of the MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO:


  • Thanks to the electric drive, hydraulic oil is only required for adjustment and setup functions, which reduces the environmental risk and maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of dust to protect the operator and the environment.
  • Spray system at all relevant points can be cut in and out individually.
  • Belt covers for rigid side discharge conveyor, fine grain discharge conveyor and crusher discharge conveyor.
  • Solutions for noise reduction: Insulation of the noise sources by a power pack housing and sealing of the open power pack base.

Post Screening Unit

  • Large double-deck post screening unit.
  • 8.4 m² screening surface upper deck, 7.2 m² screening surface lower deck.
  • For use as a single-deck and double-deck screen.
  • For producing two classes of final grain.
  • Wide oversize grain returning system ensures better material flow in the event of a high proportion of lightweight material.
  • Medium grain conveyor can be reversed, discharge onto heap or oversize grain return conveyor, high production output even when fine feed material is used.
  • Two wind sifters for effective cleaning of the oversize grain and medium grain, resulting in better final product quality.

Magnetic Separator

  • Efficient permanent or electromagnet for increased final product quality.
  • Can be flexibly attached on chains and individually adjusted in transverse and longitudinal inclination.
  • Can be hydraulically raised and lowered via radio remote control for quick reaction to material congestion.
  • Sliding bars in the area below the magnet prevent the crusher discharge conveyor from being pierced by jammed metal parts.

E-DRIVE Diesel Electric Drive

  • E-DRIVE diesel-electric drive, all drives are electric with the exception of the drive system and auxiliary functions.
  • Local emission-free operation possible through external power supply (transportable, depending on the country) for increased sustainability.
  • Power-dependent fan for lower noise emissions and reduced consumption.
  • Ease of physical and visual access to all maintenance-related components.
  • Raised air intake for longer filter service lives.

SPECTIVE Control System

  • SPECTIVE Touch panel: All components and functions can be controlled via touch panel.
  • SPECTIVE CONNECT: All important information can be directly accessed on a smartphone, which means higher productivity as a result of fewer interruptions to the production process.
  • SPECTIVE Radio remote control: For operating all significant components from a safe distance, providing increased work safety.
  • SPECTIVE Radio remote control, small: A convenient combination of the most important operating functions; minimal space required in the operating cabin.
  • Quick Track: For fast and simple movement of the machine while it is operational – allows work to be completed faster, since the system does not need to be shut down when it is moved. It is conveniently operated via radio remote control.
  • Camera system: Convenient monitoring of the material flow, remote monitor in the excavator, additional connection to SPECTIVE CONNECT.
  • Line coupling: Process coupling for controlling the production output; safety coupling for reliable interlinking of the plants in the plant train.
  • Belt scale: for all relevant conveyors for determination of the production data.

Crusher Unit

  • Powerful electric (250 kW) crusher drive.
  • Very high continuous throughput of the impact crusher for a wide range of applications in natural stone and recycling.

Fully hydraulic gap adjustment and overload system

  • Automatic zero point determination for precise crusher gap adjustment via touch panel.
  • The effective overload function opens the lower impact toggle in case of uncrushable elements and then moves back automatically to the preset position.
  • In case of large uncrushable components, in order to protect the crusher a rupture disk is provided as a last resort.

Continuous Feed System 

Continuous crusher feed thanks to intelligent feed control CFS:

  • Measurement of crusher load and engine load
  • Vibrating feeder and prescreen are controlled according to the load status
  • After an overload case, material transport is continued immediately
  • Fewer interruptions to production – up to 10 per cent more daily output.
  • Less burden is placed on the downstream components, wear is also reduced, share of oversize grain is minimized.


  • Independently vibrating prescreen for effective screening of fines.
  • Co-vibrating bypass flap for fast change-over of the material flow of the prescreen material without installation of a dummy cover in the lower deck.
  • Optimized screen media (increased screening surface with slotted grate) ensure a higher screening performance and result in a lower cleaning effort.
  • Side discharge conveyor can be used on both sides, rigid or hydraulically foldable

Safety and Ergonomics

  • Quick and convenient service thanks to easy physical and visual access to all components.
  • The “Lock & Turn” rotor safety system ensures maximum operating safety when changing rotor ledges and removing material blockages.
  • LED lighting included in basic plant. Premium lighting for extended illumination of work areas.
  • Central draining point for fluids for ergonomic maintenance.
  • Lower ground pressure thanks to wide crawler carrier chains, flexible use on poorly prepared ground.

Feeding Unit

  • Generously dimensioned basic hopper.
  • Hydraulically foldable and lockable – for quicker setup from the ground via radio remote control.
  • Hopper extension increases the feed volume and ensures a continuous feed.
  • Hopper filling aid for feeding via wheel loader from behind, filling width approximately 3.30 metres.

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