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Torrent Energy Services secures contract for intersection repaving project in Weyburn

June 19, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

(Photo credit: jenslphotography, Adobe Stock)

WEYBURN, Sask. – Torrent Energy Services has received the contract for a repaving project for the intersection of 16th Street and First Avenue in the city of Weyburn, with a contract of being awarded for asphalt concrete surfacing.

The selected tender from Torrent Energy Services is over budget by about $172,000. A request has been made by the city to the province’s Ministry of Highways for additional funds to help cover 70 per cent of the increased costs. Currently, the overage has been approved to come out of the reserves of the city’s Infrastructure Revitalization Program.

The intersection project follows a traffic study and geotechnical investigation in the area, where the pavement has experienced significant rutting damage from slow-moving and stopped traffic. To combat this the city also plans to replace the current four-way stop signs with traffic lights, in addition to building turning lanes alongside the upgraded pavement.

A suggestion to eliminate one of these turning lanes in order to reduce the cost of the project to roughly $450,000 was made at the meeting. An engineer for the city, Jennifer Wilkinson, has advised against this idea, saying it will lead to possible traffic delays.


“Part of it is the lights won’t work as well without the turning lanes. This would create significant congestion at that intersection, unless we have turning lanes in place to ensure traffic flow,” said Wilkinson.

Timelines for the project have yet to be formally confirmed, though officials estimate the work to be completed by the end of construction season this year.

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