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Ontario Municipal Reports: GTHA regions

Municipal reports for City of Toronto and York Region

March 4, 2021  By Jay Koblun

Photo: ORBA Virtual Event

Representatives from municipalities in Ontario’s GTHA region gave reports on the state of their municipalities during the Ontario Road Builders’ AssociaMunicipal reportstion’s (ORBA) 94th annual convention that was held virtually for the first time in February. The event was titled, “Forging the Roadway Ahead.”

Regional Municipality of York

Director of Capital Planning and Delivery for Transportation Services Salim Alibhai gave the update for the Regional Municipality of York.

“My branch is responsible for environmental assessments, detail design, and construction of the region’s road projects,” said Alibhai.

Photo: ORBA Virtual Event

Alibhai said York Region’s population is expected to grow from 1.2 million residents in 2020 to 2.02 million residents in 2051. And York Region’s employment is expected to grow from 655,000 jobs in 2019 to 990,000 jobs in 2051.


“To keep up with the growth, the Region continues to invest in infrastructure. Regional council has been investing in numerous projects. This term, council is planning to invest just under $1 billion in road infrastructure.”

Alibhai said over the next 10 years the Region plans to invest $2.4 billion in the roads program.

Growth projects to be tendered in 2021

  • Keele Street
  • 19th Avenue
  • King Road
  • Major MacKenzie Drive
  • Red Cedar/Cedar Avenue
  • Rutherford Road
  • Teston Road
  • Yonge Street

Growth projects to be tendered in 2022

  • Highway 404
  • Ninth Line

Growth projects to be tendered in 2023

  • 16th Avenue
  • Bathurst Street
  • Dufferin Street
  • Kennedy Road
  • Weston Road

York Region is planning on spending $2.4 billion in roads over the next 10 years and is increasing asset management of $956 million in the next decade also. Finally, York Region is investing $275 million for growth and asset management projects in 2021.

City of Toronto

Manager of Capital Projects & Program at Transportation Services Matthew Davis presented the report for the City of Toronto.

“Today I’m happy to present to you our road maintenance program for 2021. As part of the ORBA Virtual Summit,” said Davis. His presentation covered an overview of Transportation Services, capital assets, capital program prioritization, and a 2021 road maintenance outlook.

Photo: ORBA Virtual Event

Transportation services handles seasonal/year-round maintenance activities, traffic planning, on-street parking, neighbourhood improvements, infrastructure and cycle planning, road safety and more. Davis said the City of Toronto has a total asset value of roughly $36 billion.

Major Assets

  • 4,025 centreline kilometres of local roads.
  • 1.146 centreline kilometres of major roads.
  • F.G. Gardiner Expressway
  • 900 bridges and culverts.
  • 105 centreline kilometres of expressways
  • 321 centreline kilometres of laneway

2021 Road Maintenance Outlook – local roads

  • Mega-resurfacing contract
  • Bertrand Avenue from Warden Avenue to Kennedy Road
  • Strathearn road from Bathurst Street to Ava Road
  • 2021 anticipated road construction spending: approximately $55 million

2021 Road Maintenance Outlook – major roads

  • Midland Avenue from Sheppard East to South Shields Avenue
  • Don Mills Road from Overlea Blvd. to Eglington East
  • Birchmount Road from Sheppard East to Huntingwood Drive
  • 2021 anticipated road construction spending: approximately $45 million

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