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Proposal request issued for highway improvements near Alberta’s Peerless Trout First Nation

April 27, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

April 20, 2023, EDMONTON – A request for engineering work proposals has been issued for the paving of 61.7 kilometres of the east-west section of Highway 686, between east of Highway 88 near Red Earth Creek and Peerless Lake in the Peerless Trout First Nation.

Engineering work for the grade, base, and paving is set to start this summer and complete in summer 2024, with construction potentially beginning in winter of that year and reaching finishing in about two to three years.

There is a further initiative planned to improve the highway and infrastructure across Alberta’s First Nations communities, with paving also slated for a 26.5 kilometre stretch of the north-south section of Highway 686 between Peerless Lake and Trout Lake. Grading is expected to take place this year, and paving is set to be done in 2025.

Highway 686 remains an important connecting route between Northern Alberta and its First Nations communities, with the project aimed at supporting both travel and transportation of goods and services, and also the economic growth and future development of the area, the provincial government said in a press release.


“Highway 686 is a vital lifeline for the health, safety, wellness and economic prosperity of Peerless Trout First Nation, which is why our Nation has long advocated for it to be paved,” said Chief Gilbert Okemow of the Peerless Trout First Nation. “Moving forward with the first critical steps of this paving project marks a truly transformational day for our Nation.”

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