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Philippi-Hagenbuch’s new Load Ejector System looks to maximize efficiency

June 7, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

June 6, 2023, PEORIA, IL – Phillippi-Hagenbuch’s new Load Ejector System has been engineered with the aim of eliminating the accumulation of material carryback. Stubborn materials with a tendency to build up in haul truck bodies, such as clay, dirt, and mud, can accumulate to take up as much as 50 per cent of the truck’s volumetric capacity, reducing loads and increasing maintenance times for their removal.

By using an overlapping jointed plate lattice design that rests flat against the front slope and floor of the truck body, the Load Ejector System separates from the truck bed when the body is raised, removing any persistent materials to leave the truck at full capacity for the next load.

The Load Ejector has been designed in three different mounting styles. The standard mount targets carryback accumulated on the front slope of the truck’s body, while the built-up mount is designed to deal with material stuck to the rear of the body floor in addition to the front slope. The rotating mount provides full coverage, from the front slope to the rear of the body floor, and pulls away from the body when the bed is dumped.

While the standard design is comprised of Grade 80 steel and low-abrasion operations, a heavy-duty design built with Hardox 450 Steel is available for applications involving coarser and rougher materials.


“Our entire focus is on engineering custom solutions that help each operation address the unique challenges affecting their off-highway haul truck efficiency,” Josh Swank, vice president of sales and marketing at Philippi-Hagenbuch, said in a press release. “Efficiency starts with using the truck’s full rated capacity, and Load Ejectors allow operations to haul what they are entitled to with every load, utilizing their existing truck beds.”

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