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Moncton’s Fram Enterprises awarded contract for first phase of downtown infrastructure work

August 29, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

(Photo credit: GDM, Adobe Stock)

MONCTON, N.B. – Moncton’s city council has awarded Fram Enterprises a contract for the first phase of a major infrastructure redevelopment planned for the city’s downtown core.

A contract for nearly $3.3 million was awarded for the relocation of a sewer line, running along the Assomption Place parking lot off Westmorland Street. The line is currently obstructing construction on a planned building.

For the first phase of the project, Fram Enterprises will relocate the sewer line, electrical and communications lines in the parking lot, in addition to beginning to raise the level of Westmorland Street by applying material to help with the compaction of soil.

Future phases are expected to involve the construction of an east-west street between Downing and Westmoreland streets, in addition to permanently raising sections of sections of Downing and Assomption Boulevard. This initiative aligns with the city’s downtown improvement plan, which calls for a public street to be added to this area.


Overall funding for this project sits at $36.3 million and was announced by the federal government and New Brunswick provincial government in early 2023, with the city covering $9.7 million of the total cost.

The first phase of this project is expected to start in early September 2023 and reach completion by Dec. 1.

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