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Komatsu designs new Operator Guidance Monitor for optimizing quarry operations

July 31, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

(Photo credit: Komatsu)

TOKYO – Komatsu has revealed the Operator Guidance Monitor (OGM), a digital solution for rigid dump trucks in mine and quarry operations that looks to reduce production costs while increasing savings and safety.

The OGM provides operators with control over adjusting KPI targets and operating parameters including payload, planned duration and fuel consumption for each work cycle, allowing trucks to operate with efficiency when it comes to fuel savings and productivity.

These variables can also be set for idle times, production targets and specific loading and dumping locations. For all of these applications, data is provided in real time, giving companies the opportunity for real-time, ongoing analysis.

Unique login IDs allow each machine and operator to be analyzed on an individual basis, with data filters including date, machine, shift, operator and loading and dumping locations. This can be accessed remotely by companies or by operators via the OGM’s web-based, eight-inch monitor.


Real-time safety feedback is also provided, with the OGM screen warning for dangerous events like unnecessary speed or  abrupt braking as they are encountered during operations..

By visualizing feedback and data for operators in real time, Komatsu believes the OGM will help workers self-learn how to operate their machines in the safest and most efficient way possible.

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