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AEDF moving forward with plan of action: Vision 2024

The AED Foundation’s call to action to address the workforce shortage plans to create a pipeline of skilled workers entering the industry

June 16, 2020  By AED Foundation

Schaumburg, Ill. – The AED Foundation (AEDF) has developed a plan to stimulate growth in the industry and address the technician shortage, titled Vision 2024. Goals of this plan include:

  • 100 Accredited College Programs
  • 50 Recognized High School Programs
  • 10,000 Skilled Technicians Entering the Workforce
  • 500 Certified Managers
  • 10,000 Tests Administered
  • 5,000 Certified Technicians

Vision 2024 is a call to action for high school students and established industry technicians alike to develop skills through AEDF recognized programs and certifications. With an increase in highly skilled employees entering the industry, equipment dealerships will be able to hire top applicants that require less training and add profitability and customer satisfaction to dealerships.

A $300,000 grant from The Caterpillar Foundation will aid in Vision 2024’s development as it will provide scholarships for students attending AEDF recognized high schools who are moving on to an AEDF accredited college.

“Vision 2024 is the AED Foundation’s commitment to solving the skills gap issue. We’re excited about the increased resources that we are receiving from our business partners to accelerate this goal,” said Jason Blake, executive vice president AEDF.


This will not only provide incentives for students to enter the program but also for high schools and colleges to become AEDF recognized or accredited.

The AED Foundation offers certification courses for roles throughout the dealership to help interested employees gain the skills they need to advance their careers. Employees can earn certifications in a matter of weeks, providing the opportunity for quick and efficient learning. Certifications provide employees with an opportunity for skill development as well as increase their industry knowledge, while dealers benefit from having a top qualified employee on their team. Both employees and dealers have the chance to be recognized by the Foundation for putting their time and efforts into a certification course.

Beyond individual and dealer benefits from Vision 2024, the industry will gain a steady flow of qualified technicians. The AEDF accreditation program is the only non-OEM heavy diesel accreditation program in the industry, making those who complete the program some of the most qualified workers in their field. Increasing the number of recognized and accredited school programs will ensure the number of qualified technicians entering the workforce increases for years to come, as programs are frequently monitored to maintain qualification for recognition and accreditation. With easier and more frequent access to high ranking programs, more young people will continue to enter the industry.

For more information on Vision 2024, download the AEDF’s Vision 2024 brochure or watch the Vision 2024 video.

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