Rock to Road

General guidelines

  • Nominees must be younger than 40 before December 31, 2023.
  • Nominees must either be working in Canada or of Canadian nationality.
  • Nominations are due September 8, 2023.

Must the nominee by Canadian?
No. The nominee can be of any nationality, but must be employed in Canada. We also encourage the nominations of Canadians working outside of the country.

Who can nominate someone?
Nominators can include advisors, supervisors, coworkers, or colleagues familiar with the nominee’s work and character.

What type of information should be included about the nominee?
Potential information to submit about the nominee can include (but is not exclusive to): Projects or initiatives the individual is or has been involved in; results from past projects; day-to-day job responsibilities; workplace initiatives outside of regular job duties; and community involvement.

Is a secondary reference for the nominee required?
No. However, the nomination form includes fields for a secondary reference, which is suggested to include.

Where can I find more answers about the Top 10 Under 40?
Please contact Elizabeth Bate, Editor of Rock to Road, at 289.221.8946 or email