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Sandvik releases pair of curved thread drill systems

December 13, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

(Photo credit: Sandvik)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Sandvik’s new CT55 and CT67 top-hammer tool systems have been released for automated drilling operations in both the surface and underground mining sectors.

The curved thread design provides stress reduction by distributing force over a larger area within the tool, which allows for higher tolerances in drilling power. This allows for operators to apply more aggressive settings in percussion, rotation and feed parameters.

During testing, the design has lead to a 30 per cent longer tool life and increased hole precision, according to Frederik Björk, product manager for top-hammer surface tools at Sandvik.

“We are proud to offer an innovation that delivers significantly increased efficiency, since higher drilling parameters are allowed with fewer stops for breakages,” said Anders Brungs, vice-president of Sandvik’s top-hammer product line. “Our design increases productivity by 15 per cent while reducing fuel consumption by 15 per cent, as faster drilling means less flushing time.”


The CT67 is designed for underground mining applications, while the CT55 is applicable for both underground and surface mining operations. The available diameter sizes for the CT67 range from 102 to 140 millimetres, while the CT55 is available with a drill bit diameter from 89 to 127 millimetres.

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