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Procore App Management Metrics for visibility into third-party app adoption

October 20, 2020  By Procore

Photo courtesy of Procore Technologies

Toronto, Ont. –  Procore Technologies launched App Management Metrics, a new feature that provides customers with a comprehensive understanding of their third-party application usage on the Procore platform.

More than 40 per cent of Procore customers use two or more integrations. Providing a clear understanding of how these applications are being used will allow customers to make more informed decisions. App Management Metrics gives Procore Admins the ability to maximize their technology investments by understanding how often, on which projects, and by whom third-party applications are being used.

“We rely on a number of applications that integrate with the Procore platform, and now Procore has given us the ability to easily and intuitively see how those applications are being utilized across our various projects,” said Denise Balzer from Robins & Morton. “The release of App Management Metrics brings the tool full circle. The additional metrics gives us a next step advantage to see who our power users are, and use this information to make more informed decisions regarding our tech stack management.”

App Management Metrics is available to all Procore customers. Additional information can be found on the Procore website.


“No one technology is going to solve it all, and that’s why we’ve built Procore on an open, flexible, and extensible platform,” said Kris Lengieza, senior director, business development at Procore. “Procore’s platform allows you to connect your software solutions on one core system that you can build upon. Partners are not just integrated with the Procore platform. They become part of the workflow, allowing all data to be integrated into Procore.”

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