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From the Editor: October 2014

International Influence – More companies are looking at Canada as an emerging market

October 3, 2014
By Andrew Macklin


There is no shortage of new companies that looked to be included in the 2015 Rock to Road Buyers Guide.

There is no shortage of new companies that looked to be included in the 2015 Rock to Road Buyers Guide.

The infiltration of European and Asian equipment manufacturers have been well noted over the past 12-15 months, both in the news and at trade shows across North America. Many have sought to   expand their global presence and have targeted North America, and in some  cases Canada in particular, as a market for potential growth.

Those new companies are reflected in the listings in this year’s Buyers Guide, which includes several companies that have found distributors in Canada or have started selling to this market. That also includes some U.S. manufacturers who have decided that it is time to expand the scope of their business to the north, looking at opportunities to find new customers in Canada.


Regardless of what equipment, parts or services you need over the next 12 months, the information necessary to get started can be found in the pages to follow. From consultants and crushers to pavers and parts suppliers, we have  provided a comprehensive list of the companies that are selling to Canada’s aggregates and road building industry.

Like in every year, we are also pleased to offer a pair of articles that can help you with your day-to-day business operations. In this year’s edition, we are providing one article that helps you understand how to pick the right tires for your equipment based on the scope of your company, and a second that looks at how to prevent electrical faults in your heavy equipment. We hope that you will find both of these articles to be valuable resources for you and your staff.

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