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Talbert Manufacturing displays customization at MATS

April 23, 2013  By Aggregates and Roadbuilding

55sa-hx_talbertApril 23, 2013, Rensselaer, Ind. – Talbert Manufacturing, put its customization capabilities
on display during the Mid-America Trucking show (MATS) in Louisville, Ky. last month.

Talbert showed a 55SA-HX and a 65-ton modular HRG
hydraulic gooseneck trailer. Both trailers were customized specifically to meet
the end-users’ capacity, geography and payload needs.



The 55-ton, is a spread axle (SA) model
with auxiliary cross members (HX) and The Equalizer. Talbert built and
customized the 55SA-HX specifically for JP Trucking Inc., in Gypsum, Colo.

The 55SA-HX features a T-1 steel
construction, a removable kingpin that allows for either a 114-inch or a
90-inch swing, a 26-foot deck length, strobes and a third lift axle. The
trailer features 24-inch spacings of the structural cross members, which run
the full width of the trailer from outer bay to outer bay. For support on the
deck, the outer bays feature 12-inch spacing of cross-members, which are junior
I-beam affixed between the two structural cross-members underneath the decking,
and upper-outer flange reinforcing for extra support on the deck when hauling
wide track machinery. The trailer’s axles have 25,000-pound capacities, and are
equipped with Ridewell suspensions. The 55SA-HX is also spreader bar and/or fourth
axle capable to provide flexibility for meeting bridge laws.

The 55SA-HX has upper flange
reinforcement through the two outside main beams, where there’s a gusset from
the web to the bottom of the flange that supports the upper flanges so they
resist curling when the trailer is hauling a wide-tracked machine.

The design gives operators five
different ride heights on the gooseneck, along with the ability to adjust the
suspension height with Talbert’s plus-three minus-three leveling valve. The
gooseneck is hydraulically operated and can be powered by a power takeoff (PTO)
on the truck or a gasket mounted in the gooseneck. The trailer provides
connections for both.

55SA-HX trailers are used to haul heavy
equipment for a wide range of industries, including construction, oil and gas,
paving, heavy towing and specialized heavy haul. The company says they deliver more
lifting capacity than comparable models due to the number of hydraulic

The Equalizer is Talbert’s nitrogen dampened axle
extension that hydraulically transfers loads in all terrains. It allows a
14-foot-1-inch spread with 54-inch axle spacing or a 14-foot-7-inch spread with
60-inch axle spacing. It is for haulers who wish to offer service in states
that require the fourth axle to be at least 14-feet-1-inch from the spread on
the last axle. It incorporates a duel two-speed landing gear to make connecting
the trailer to the axle attachment much easier.

65-Ton Modular

Talbert built and customized the 65-ton
trailer for Catom Trucking, in Geneva, Ill. While Catom has purchased all the
modular equipment needed to run a 3+3+2, the show trailer featured a three-axle
jeep, a gooseneck extension, three axle trailer with attached fourth flip

The 65-ton HRG hydraulic gooseneck
trailer is for a variety of markets like general construction, heavy-haul
trucking and oilfields. It is engineered with T-1, 100,000-PSI minimum yield
steel construction, upper-flange reinforcement on the deck and auxiliary cross
members for extra support.

The trailer’s design includes a flip
extension to accommodate a tandem-axle jeep dolly, permitting it for use in all
states at full rating. Talbert also designed it to provide the ability to
add a tag or pin-on axle to the jeep to allow a 3+3+2 axle configuration. For
those without a four-axle tractor, operators can access the optional pin-on
axle for the jeep to maintain axles that are legal to scale the payload.
Featuring 60-inch axle spacing, as well as an airlift on axle three and a chain
lift on axles one, two, four, and five, the trailer is capable of running with
three, four, or five axles in a row without the booster. 

The 65-ton modular trailer comes with a
28-foot deck length, with a 9-foot-wide, four-beam flat deck and a
30-foot-6-inch beam deck, and it is rated for 65-tons in any 12-foot section of
the deck length. It also can accommodate 10-foot and 15-foot deck extensions
varying in type from beam to drop side. Loaded deck height is 22-inches and the
trailer features an 8-foot, 6-inch deck width. The trailer will be equipped
with the 30-foot-6-inch beam deck at the show. In addition, the trailer is
equipped with an optional Right Weigh onboard load scale system that meets the
toughest trucking industry requirements. 

features include air-ride suspension and connections for a PTO system. An
onboard power pack operates the trailer hydraulic system, and the removable
fenders over the tires and polished aluminum wheels are optional.

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