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Paving the way to a better economy in Alberta

The 2018 construction season is underway in Alberta with the province moving forward on hundreds of transportation projects.

May 11, 2018  By Government of Alberta

Photo: Government of Alberta

May 11, 2018 – More than 500 projects across Alberta will enhance and expand roads and bridges and support water management infrastructure. The wide-ranging work will improve connections between communities, promote safer travel, increase flood mitigation and strengthen key economic corridors.

“We are continuing to make significant investments in the transportation needs of this province. Our goal is to ensure Albertans are able to get from one place to another in a safe and efficient way. Through this construction season, I ask motorists for their understanding and patience if there are inconveniences in their travels,” said Minister of Transportation Brian Mason.

The province is investing more than $6 billion over five years to build transportation and water infrastructure, which will support an estimated 18,000 jobs and ensure Alberta’s economic recovery is built to last.

“The Government of Alberta’s commitment to our highway network supports job creation and develops opportunities in the construction and engineering industries. With more than 500 projects across the province, a lot of people will be put to work this summer. Our organization is proud to work with government to improve our highway network, improve safety and keep Albertans on the move,” said Ron Glen, CEO of the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association.


With construction underway on many projects across Alberta, and many more to come, road users are reminded that safety is a shared responsibility. It is important to drive safely, obey speed limits and all road signals, and watch for workers in construction zones.

“Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) members travel our province’s highways 24-7. Alberta’s roadways are vital to the safety of commercial drivers and the motoring public. In addition to continuing the AMTA’s goal of injury reduction, the association works at ensuring goods moved across the province get to where they need to go safely and efficiently – and road construction and improvements are necessary to achieve these goals. The AMTA encourages everyone to stay safe by being aware of construction zones and by following all road signs this construction season,” said Chris Nash, president of the Alberta Motor Transport Association.

The five-year Budget 2018 Capital Plan includes more than $6 billion for planning, design and construction of more than 500 highway, bridge and water management infrastructure projects including more than $3.3 billion for roads and bridges, including $2 billion for ring roads in Calgary and Edmonton; and about $1 billion for highway projects such as the Peace River Bridge, Gaetz Avenue /Highway 2 interchange and the Highway 43X bypass.

Alberta has more than 31,400 kilometres of provincial highway, 28,200 kilometres of which are paved. Alberta has nearly 4,500 bridge structures, including overpasses and culverts. Approximately $2.3 billion is allocated for capital maintenance and renewal of highways and bridges; and more than $500 million for water management and flood recovery projects.

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