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New online marketplace launches for the construction materials industry

January 25, 2024  By Rock to Road Staff

(Photo credit: Bulk Exchange)

SAN RAFAEL, CA – Bulk Exchange, a digital listing marketplace for bulk material and aggregates suppliers, contractors and estimators has launched.

The platform features an industry-specific searchable database that provides a centralized marketplace for finding and listing materials, accessing list prices and submitting and responding to RFPs.

“The way work gets done now is still pretty manual. If a supplier or contractor needs information or to work with someone, they do it by making phone calls, sending texts or even meeting in person,” said Paul Foley, CEO and co-founder of Bulk Exchange. “We are bringing all of that online by connecting supply and demand on our marketplace, which means instant access to pricing, standardized communication and an overall faster and better experience between all parties.”

Alongside the launch of the platform, Bulk Exchange has also unveiled BX Bid, an AI tool for automating the RFP process for estimators. BX Bid streamlines the proposal process by pulling required information and instantly plugging it into RFP documents.


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