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LiuGong gains engine technology patent

January 21, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

January 21, 2016 – LiuGong was recently granted a patent by the State Intellectual Property Office in China for the development of an engine power control method to improve the load capacity of engines. This is the first engine-related patent won by LiuGong in the field of engine manufacturing, as well as a landmark technological achievement resulting from its cooperation with Cummins.

For an engine incorporated with the patented technology, once beyond the rated value, the engine power increases as the rotating speed decreases. But after the power reaches its peak, it begins to decreases as the rotating speed falls. Thus, the relation between the engine power and rotating speed forms a humped curve, which becomes the most representative feature of the patent. Engines with such power performance can automatically deliver larger torque in the case of large obstruction to improve the working efficiency of wheel loaders. When designing the humped power curve, the team referred to the load spectra of loaders under different working conditions to match the fuel-efficient range of engines with the high-efficiency range of torque converters, so that the fuel consumption of the machine is the lowest when engines are operating at the maximum power. In contrast, traditional engines cannot fully satisfy the working requirements of wheel loaders since actual working conditions are not taken into consideration during their design.

The patented technology has already been successfully applied to LiuGong’s H series wheel loaders. According to customers’ feedbacks, wheel loaders equipped with the engine operate more efficiently and smoothly. Now, engines with the patented technology are not only for LiuGong’ wheel loaders, but are also available to all wheel loader manufacturers nationwide.

The technology was first proposed by Chu Changxiang, LiuGong’s Chief Scientist in 2012. Under the leadership of Mr. Chu, engineers from LiuGong partnered with technical personnel from Cummins and started a cooperation that drew on the technological advantages of both sides. The team applied for a patent in March 2013 and was granted one in December 2015. This proved to be another demonstration of LiuGong’s corporate culture — collaboration creates value. Although the technology is specially designed for wheel loaders, it paved the way for technological R&D and innovation of other construction machinery products.


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