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Liebherr announces L 538 wheel loader

November 16, 2016  By Liebherr

November 16, 2016 – Liebherr’s L 538 wheel loader features a Z-bar linkage for standard operations, achieves a tipping load straight of 22,485 lb. (10,199 kg) at an operating weight of 30,205 lb. (13,700 kg) and is driven by a 153hp (l)/114 kW.

This loader is equipped with a 3.14-cubic-yard (2.40 cubic metre) quick hitch re-handling bucket with bolt on cutting edge. These wheel loaders can be used in a traditional capacity, to stockpile or move earth/materials, or can be used to handle all types of construction material through the use different attachments.

The implementation of energy efficiency technologies such as the hydrostatic drive combined with the Liebherr Power Efficiency system (LPE), optimizes the interaction between drive components. This system is able to adjust the performance and power for every working situation, enhancing the efficiency of the wheel loader and providing additional fuel savings up to 25%. An additional contributing factor to fuel economy is the configuration of the machine and the positioning of its engine. The engine is used as a natural counterweight. The centre point of gravity of the drive line components is behind the rear axle to avoid unnecessary additional counterweight. Less operating weight has to be carried around, therefore, less horse power is required. Subsequently, less fuel is consumed.


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