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Fairbanks Scales announces Talon low profile truck scale

Ideal for sites with little clearance

January 14, 2020  By Fairbanks Scales

Kansas City, Mo. – Fairbanks Scales Inc. announced the new Talon Low Profile Truck Scale, ideal for replacing older low profile scales reaching the end of their service life.

Fairbanks Scales said Talon is a great choice for sites with little clearance underneath where foundations cannot be modified. They can be ordered to fit existing scales and are available in 60-, 70-, and 80-foot sizes. Options for profile heights include 12, 13, or 14 inches, which can be set using the base plate kit instead of changing the scale itself.

The new design utilizes load cell pockets in each corner with mounting positions for standard Fairbanks Talon load cells, electronics, and cables that ensure everything is kept clean and organized. Installation is simple and easy with plenty of access for everything you need. The cover plates required for this scale have been positioned in the corners, outside of the wheel paths to keep the heavy traffic off of the cover plates.


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