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2023’s Top 10 Under 40: Trevor Donaldson, Lafarge Canada

December 7, 2023  By Elizabeth Bate

Trevor Donaldson, Tri-city aggregate manager at Lafarge Canada

For the last 14 months, Trevor Donaldson has been the aggregate manager at the Lafarge Cambridge, Ont. plant, the latest move in a nine-year career with the company.

“It definitely has its challenges and all that, but it keeps me on my toes. What I really love about it is no day is the same, every day is something different,” he says. “I’m never in a routine. I’m constantly being challenged and constantly having to try and think outside the box.”

Donaldson says the varying routine is part of what makes the job fun.

“The more knowledge I get with the plant, financials and most important people managing, the more it helps change my management style,” he said. “I’m challenged with new conflict and complicated situations every day. So constantly learning and growing is helping change my way of thinking, as well as my resource pool for trying to solve problems.”


Donaldson says he’s noticed a shift in the age of the industry’s workforce, as new, young faces enter the job market. He’s passionate about passing on his expertise to those that are coming after him, maintaining that work environment he loves for the next generation.

“The workforce is very green and new. My goal is to help train and progress the next workforce of young people coming up and give them the skills, knowledge and tools to be able to succeed in their jobs.”

One of the pieces of advice Donaldson is passing on is to keep an open mind when it comes to where your career might take you.

“I started off in quality control, research and development. And to be honest, it was my number one hated class while I was in college. And that’s what I started off doing,” he said. “But now I’ve taken that stepping stone and grew into a position that I’m enjoying, and I look forward to and what I want to continue to get better at. So, keep an open mind with what is presented to you, by your company, or even life in general, then take that and making the most of it.”

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