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World of Concrete 2017 Product Preview

A look at some of the latest concrete road construction equipment that will be on display

November 25, 2016  By Rock to Road staff report

November 25, 2016 – A look at some of the latest concrete road construction equipment that will be on display at the 2017 World of Concrete taking place from January 17 to 20, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nev.

The new Galaxy Severe Duty Solid (SDS) line of solid tires offers contractors a wide range of outstanding Galaxy design and engineering in solid tires sized for the most popular skid steers, loaders and forklifts. Among the tires in the Galaxy SDS line are:

Beefy Baby SDS, a solid version of the gold standard in skid steer tires; LHD 500 SDS L-5; Super Smooth SDS L-5; and Yardmaster SDS. The Galaxy SDS line is available in a wide range of sizes, with and without apertures. Galaxy brand tires are distributed in Canada by Dynamic Tire Corp. and by Alliance Tire Americas in the U.S.
Booth: C6479 (Alliance Tire Group)

B2W Software
The B2W Software application for equipment maintenance and repairs links heavy civil construction shop, field and management teams and helps them maximize uptime and cut maintenance costs. The software manages all aspects of the maintenance process, drives preventive programs and provides enterprise-wide access to equipment status and history in real time. B2W maintain can also be unified with B2W estimating, scheduling, field tracking, scheduling and business intelligence applications within the ONE Platform.
Booth: C4026


E-Z Drill
E-Z Drill’s Dust Collection System is designed to ensure concrete drilling operations are in compliance with air quality standards. The system is powered by the same air compressor as the drill and can be used in conjunction with any drill model. The system includes a dust boot that mounts to the end of the bit guide, where the bit penetrates the concrete. The vacuum system gathers the dust directly from the drilled holes and stores it in a collection bag. A valve on the system allows users to reverse the airflow periodically to clean the filters. The system reduces operators’ exposure to dust released into the air during concrete drilling. It also prevents dust from blowing toward nearby traffic or into water during bridge repairs. The system also extends the life of E-Z drill units by removing dust that can stick to lubricants or wear nuts and bolts.
Booth: C4333

The M Series SWL machines are powered by the Cat C7.1 ACERT engine with clean emissions module that requires no operator intervention, which avoids work cycle disruptions. The operator has the option of selecting standard mode operation that reduces maximum engine speed to 1,600 rpm without compromising peak ground performance, resulting in a 5 to 10 per cent fuel savings. Full performance mode operation boosts engine speed to 1,800 rpm for maximum engine power and increased hydraulic speed and power to boost production.
Booth: C6061

Dexter + Chaney
Dexter + Chaney’s new Spectrum Integration Hub allows Dexter + Chaney clients to integrate Spectrum with virtually any other software program available. The Spectrum Integrations Hub features solutions comprised of pre-built connectors, standard-based interfaces and bulk data access. These solutions make it easy to facilitate seamless communication between Spectrum and other applications, creating an open application program interface (API) environment, based on open technology standards. The Spectrum Integration Hub is powered by several different Spectrum offerings that can be used together or separately—depending on integration needs. Each solution features easy-to-use interfaces and simple processes, making it easy for the end users to build out a uniform, streamlined data flow across multiple systems and components.
Booth: C4149

John Deere
The John Deere large-frame G-Series skid steers (330G, 332G) and compact track loaders (331G, 333G) were inspired by extensive feedback from John Deere customers looking for more productivity, better visibility and simplified service to remain competitive in their businesses. The 330G and 332G’s redesigned vertical-lift loader design rises higher and reaches farther, for quicker, easier loading. These machines dish out substantially greater boom and bucket breakout forces as well. New productivity-boosting electrohydraulic (EH) joystick controls make the G-Series machines even easier to operate. Options include return-to-dig, return-to-carry, attachment positioning and boom up/down self-levelling. Push-button activated through the sealed-switch module, these settings help an operator be more efficient.
Booth: C5361

The new Spectra Precision Pipe Lasers, designed for use in gravity flow pipe installation, have a compact design to make it easy to setup in manholes with tight inverts. Both Spectra Precision Dialgrade models DG613 and DG813 have a grade range from -12% to +40% and are fully self-levelling over the entire range. A remote control, target, trivet base and flexible power options are included in each package.
Booth: C4309

Liebherr’s L 538 wheel loader features a Z-bar linkage for standard operations, achieves a tipping load straight of 22,485 lb. (10,199 kg) at an operating weight of 30,205 lb. (13,700 kg) and is driven by a 153hp (l)/114 kW engine. This loader is equipped with a 3.14-cubic-yard (2.40 cubic metre) quick hitch re-handling bucket with bolt on cutting edge. These wheel loaders can be used in a traditional capacity, to stockpile or move earth/materials, or can be used to handle all types of construction material through the use different attachments. The implementation of energy efficient technologies such as the hydrostatic drive combined with the Liebherr Power Efficiency system (LPE), optimizes the interaction between drive components. This system is able to adjust the performance and power for every working situation, enhancing the efficiency of the wheel loader and providing additional fuel savings up to 25%. An additional contributing factor to fuel economy is the configuration of the machine and the positioning of its engine. The engine is used as a natural counterweight. The centre point of gravity of the drive line components is behind the rear axle to avoid unnecessary additional counterweight. Less operating weight has to be carried around, therefore, less horse power is required. Subsequently, less fuel is consumed.
Booth: C5861

Gomaco’s new 3300 multi-application slipform paver features extreme steering capabilities with smart leg and track positioning, and a smart telescoping mold mounting system for paving from the right side or left side of the paver. The original GT-3300 has been re-engineered with the latest in technology with the G+ control system.

The 3300’s Extreme Steering is accomplished with rotary sensored slew drives on the tracks and G+ controls. The 3300 was specifically designed for right side and left side pour capabilities. Its U-shaped operator’s platform provides a complete view of the entire paving operation from anywhere on the platform. The control console easily slides from side-to-side to accommodate the direction of the pour. The 3300’s design includes a 20-foot-long (6.1 m) conveyor with four-way hydraulic positioning, which allows perfect placement of the concrete into the hopper on either side of the 3300. The four-way positioning includes pivoting tilt, pivoting swing, longitudinal slide, and sideshifting. The conveyor hydraulically folds to reduce the overall transport length of the paver.
Booth: C5126

Skilsaw’s Medusaw is the first worm drive concrete saw that delivers a complete concrete cutting system with Skilsaw worm drive power and durability. Skilsaw engineered this saw with an integrated wet/dry dust management system to control dust, allowing for cleaner cuts, and GFCI protection. Both features extend the life of the saw and protect the user. The Medusaw features a cut-ready adjustable plunge lock that allows users to quickly and accurately set and make consistent plunge cuts. The saw also has an integrated rolling foot plate with rubber wheels that helps users move it smoothly across hard surfaces and rust-resistant brackets and fasteners to protect against corrosion. The tool includes a retractable front pointer that accurately guides the saw along the cut line and retracts for tight spaces.
Booth: O31965, O32050

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