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World of Asphalt/AGG1 Wrap

April 18, 2012  By Aggregates & Roadbuilding

The 2012 World of Asphalt and AGG1 in Charlotte, N.C., was a huge success for the event organizers

The 2012 World of Asphalt and AGG1 in Charlotte, N.C., was a huge success for the event organizers, breaking previous records for exhibitors, attendees, and education participation. Over 400 exhibitors filled a record 115,000 plus net square feet of floor space at the Charlotte Convention Center, where over 6,500 people representing all 50 states, all 10 provinces, and more than 50 countries saw the industry’s newest innovations. The event also reached new heights in education participation with over 6,200 tickets sold.

While we didn’t get to see everything at the event, here is our take on some of the biggest news, products, and innovations from World of Asphalt/AGG1.

Roadtec Launches e Series

Roadtec Launches e Series


Roadtec made one of the biggest splashes at World of Asphalt/AGG1, introducing a brand new line of machinery that is compliant with the Tier 4 interim emissions standards. The e series includes the RP-190e and RP-195e pavers, SB2500e Shuttle Buggy, and the RX-600e cold planer, all of which were on display at the show.

While the RP-195e tracked paver was first introduced in January, the rubber tire RP-190e was on display for the first time at World of Asphalt. The RP-190e features a Cat C7.1L T4i engine, auto lube system, and raised deck height for enhanced visibility.

The SB2500e features a high-capacity auger that has been increased from a 22" OD to 29". Many components have been upgraded to increase the durability of this heavy-duty model. It also features an optional Thermal Imaging Bar that provides real-time readouts of the temperature of the asphalt as it is being laid.

The RX-600e cold planer includes a wide range of improvements, including an additional 200 gallons of water capacity, more precise drums due to in-house manufacturing, and joystick steering.

The RX-600e was also the introduction of Roadtec’s new remote diagnostic system. The system can track any component of the machine, and allows Roadtec technicians to log in from anywhere to troubleshoot any problems.

BOMAG Responds to Portability Needs

BOMAG Responds to Portability Needs


BOMAG introduced its BM 500/15 and BM 600/15 compact cold planers for the first time in the North American marketplace. Previously only available in Europe, the release of the compact machines in Canada and the United States was in response to a greater demand for smaller, more versatile milling equipment.

Both machines feature innovative new rotor geometry that reduces vibration, increases service life and eases drum replacement. There are also several features that focus on improving driver comfort to decrease operator fatigue.
The 600 model has a wider standard cutting width of 23.6 inches as opposed to the 19.7 inch standard cutting width on the 500 model.

Also new to North America is BOMAG’s new tandem roller, the BW138AD-5, which offers a 54" drum width and a 35.4" drum diameter. The dual vibration frequency provides more efficient compaction and improved surface quality results. Built for operator efficiency, the BW138AD-5 has a suspended and vibration-isolated operator platform, a fully adjustable seat, and a SmartDrive steering wheel.

Superior Strength in Parts Division

 Superior Strength in Parts Division


Superior says it is North America’s leading builder of tele-stacker conveyors, and used World of Asphalt/AGG1 to promote some of its latest parts innovations.

Originally launched at CONEXPO/AGG 2011, the Exterra SFL Dual Belt Cleaner is the first primary and secondary cleaning mechanism that has a single mounting point. That technology has prevented maintenance technicians from having to add a secondary piece of cleaning equipment to the current conveyor structure. 

The Urathon Return Roll is designed to stop wet sand from sticking to return idlers. Specially designed with high-wear material that is abrasion resistant, the Return Roll is promoted as having triple the wear life of traditional rubber discs.

Metso Focusing on Efficiency

 Metso Focusing on Efficiency


Metso used World of Asphalt/AGG1 to promote the company’s new Crushing and Screening Equipment business line, and their commitment to producing machinery that is focused on improvements in efficiency. The company has committed research and development dollars to the manufacturing of environmentally sustainable equipment that also reduces the carbon footprint.

As a first step towards that commitment, the company introduced its two newest products: the C120 Jaw Crusher and the Lokotrack LT120 tracked mobile crusher.

The C120 Jaw Crusher is a heavy-duty crusher that is built to work both in stationary and mobile applications. The C120 brings a new feed size opening of 34" by 47". It features a limited number of service points that are also easy to reach, and the unit is serviceable worldwide.

The Lokotrack LT120 tracked mobile crusher has a slick new design that boasts a C120 Jaw Crusher and a CatC13 engine. Among the innovations in the new Lokotrack are a side conveyor, which helps to increase the maximum capacity to 700 metric tons per hour, as well as a high inertia flywheel that helps to create a 30% fuel reduction for a unit of its size. The LT120 is also the first Lokotrack model to offer a standard electric version.

Polydeck Promotes Software Development
The Polydeck Screen Corporation didn’t have a new product on display at World of Asphalt/AGG1, but they did create a buzz about a piece of software currently in development.

The company is in the final stages of its creation of a program that will allow for a better diagnosis of an increased number of operational issues for screening. The company sees it as an opportunity to provide a better service for their clients by having a tool that can better analyze inefficiencies in current screening operations.

ADM Introduces Excalibur Series

ADM Introduces Excalibur Series


Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc. released details of its new single-drum counterflow plant at World of Asphalt/AGG1. The new plant is specifically designed to meet the needs of low to medium production contractors.

The Excalibur Series asphalt plants can produce 100-425 tons per hour. They claim to be producing the longest aggregate mixing and drying times in the industry, and are able to process large percentages of recycled asphalt products.

The plants are available in both stationary and mobile versions, and are further customizable to the demands of the individual customer. That includes a large selection of available components like RAP systems, bag houses, cold feed bins, and various tanks, conveyors, and silos.

Terex Debuts T4i Rubber Tire Paver

Terex Debuts T4i Rubber Tire Paver


Terex released details for its new Remix Rubber Tire Asphalt Paver at World of Asphalt/AGG1, the CR652RX. The company had recently released their tracked version of the T4i Asphalt Paver, the CR662RX, which Terex had on display.

The CR652RX contains a turbocharged 260hp Tier 4i diesel engine. The 10-ft. high-production mainline paver can handle up to 30-ft. paving widths. Featuring the company’s patented remix anti-segregation system, the CR652RX has a power-tilt hood with integrated radiator and a fume-recovery system.

Volvo Shows Agg Loader, Real-Feel Simulators

Volvo shows Agg Loader, Real-Feel Simulators


The Volvo L250G front-end loader is designed for aggregates work, suiting it for two-pass load (or re-load) work, as well as making it an ideal face machine. Obvious up front is the nine-yard re-handling bucket with sloped slides designed for gravel loading. Look closer between bucket and machine, however, and you’ll notice the two-bar link that allows for the strong ground level breakout required for quarry work. This two-bar link is a little different though, as it is designed to allow the bucket roll required to avoid material spillage, functioning more like a T-link in that sense.

With some Canadian provinces moving to operator certification, the introduction of a new life-like simulator option for excavators, backhoes and rock trucks will be welcome news. The Volvo simulator package is high-end, and includes large-screen graphics and co-ordinated seat/screen movement that closely mimics the feel of the real deal. Volvo expects that this more realistic feel, and simulated consequences, will better prepare trainees for running the actual gear.

Volvo also unveiled its PF6160 and PF6170 series wheel-mounted highway-class pavers with improved operator safety, comfort, and visibility, and showed off its CareTrack web-based machine-monitoring system that is now standard with major Volvo gear.

Dust Destroyer Tackles Nuisance Issues

Dust Destroyer Tackles Nuisance Issues


For quarries struggling with dust suppression challenges, the Dust Destroyer from Company Wrench is worth a look.

Resembling a giant snow-making machine or search light, the Dust Destroyer uses a fine layer of mist to keep dust issues under control. Six units are available, offering up to 42,000 sq. ft. of coverage, with a coverage height from 0 to 75 feet and maximum throw of over 250 feet depending on the model.

PHIL Extends Tailgate Coverage, Offers Safer Tanks

 PHIL Extends Tailgate Coverage, Offers Safer Tanks


Philippi-Hagenbuch has extended the warranty on its trademark PHIL Autogate Tailgate line to a full three years, with the only condition being that it’s technicians must be part of the install either at the factory in Peoria or at the dealer site. When a client buys three or more at once, that install support is also included. This move to effectively exceed standard industry warranties by a factor of 6x is based on past performance says sales and marketing manager Josh Swank.

“This warranty launch really boils down to confidence. With more than 42 years of experience and a warranty claim rate of less than one percent over the past 13 years, we have the confidence to offer our clients the added piece of mind that comes with an extended warranty.”

Swank also discussed the supplier’s success with its rear ejects in western Canada. These units are designed for cold weather operations, and can be fitted with hydrophobic steel to reduce material sticking and/or freezing and the associated clean-up headaches and lost capacity.

Phil was also displaying its HiVol water tanks, designed with more baffles and side stabilization to control water surges in all directions, as well as patented full doors between baffles as well as on the back of the tanker to allow easy access for maintenance but full surge control while operating. Surging is even controlled within compartments for maximum safety.

The goal is to get 100 per cent of truck capacity at all times, up to 60,000 gallons, or half the capacity of a water tower.

W.S. Tyler Raises Bar on Washing and Screening

W.S. Tyler Raises Bar on Washing and Screening


The biggest draw at the W.S. Tyler was the Hydro-Clean washing unit, designed to clean deleterious material from aggregate, recycled and other minerals while reducing water consumption by up to 75 per cent over traditional log washers, the manufacturer says. Unlike traditional washing systems, which can require up to three screens along with a log washer or screw, the producer only needs an additional wash screen for the Hydro-Clean’s discharged material. The Hydro-Clean is available in four model sizes that produce 20 to 400 TPH, depending on the application: the 350, 700, 1,000 and 2,000.

Taking a maximum feed material size of up to six inches (150 mm) into its vertical drum, the Hydro-Clean uses high-pressure nozzles, rotating at 90 rpm, to spray up to 90 per cent recycled water on the material with pressures up to 2,900 psi (200 bars). The washing unit removes silt and clay particles as small as 63 microns from mineral mixtures. Due to its compact size and weight, W.S. Tyler says that overall operating and structural costs, as well as the plant footprint, are considerably lower than with traditional washing systems.

W.S. Tyler staff also introduced a new concept in screen system design, using a custom-build approach to choose the right screen media and design, in the right section of the screen, for optimum production and minimal maintenance and downtime. The Pro-Deck approach implements an analysis and modification strategy in processing operations to maximize screen productivity and minimize wear by selecting the appropriate type of screen media according to the three phases of screening. Each solution is customized for the specific operation.

Also announced at WOA/Agg1 2012 is that W.S. Tyler is now part of Haver & Tyler, a newly-formed global screening and washing solutions provider in the aggregates and mining sectors. This group also includes Major Wire Screening, a Montreal-based self-cleaning screen provider in which Haver & Tyler has acquired part ownership.

McLanahan Acquires Universal
In addition to promoting its core technology, such as its washers, scrubbers, fines recovery, FRAC options, and Ultra Sand plants, McLanahan Corp. announced its acquisition of Universal Engineering Corp.  The Cedar Rapids, Iowa supplier is a well-known manufacturer of crushing equipment for the aggregate and mining industries. McLanahan has long been involved in crushing materials, with a focus on crushing soft minerals using roll crushers, feeder breakers and rotary breakers to process minerals such as coal, salt and trona. The Universal acquisition brings hard rock crushing and apron, pan and wobbler feeders to its product line.

Kleeman’s EVO Tracked Crushers

Kleeman’s EVO Tracked Crushers


Kleeman showed off the new EVO series of track-mounted, mobile impact crushers, which features what the supplier calls a new material flow concept, designed to eliminate any restriction to the flow of the material, prevent blockages, reduce wear and increase the performance of the entire plant. Factors contributing to this include the active double-deck pre-screen, the vibrating discharge chute as well as the new crusher with its inlet geometry and new rotor ledges technology. The unique fully automatic hydraulic gap setting system of the crushing jaw also substantially improves not only the quality of the final product, but also the availability of the plant in combination with the effective overload protection system. The Mobirex MR 110 Z EVO shown here processing slag is the latest addition to the line.

Deister Focuses on Ultra Fines
The new Ultra Fines Recovery (UFR) system from Deister Machine brings a host of benefits to the modern operator, including ultra sand and silt recovery while reducing settling pond maintenance and cutting the need for polymers and flocculants. The Deister UFR system is capable of recoveries to 350-400 mesh at feed capacities from 1500-3500 GPM.  It uses a radial distribution manifold for even distribution of solids to all cyclones.  The cyclones are available with a variety of liner and body materials to match needs.  Victaulic connections allow flexibility and ease of maintenance.  Optional “Duck Bills” can be attached to the cyclone apex with siphon control to accommodate variable feed solids conditions. The sump is constructed with heavily reinforced 1/4" walls and wide flange beam vertical columns.  A sloped bottom plate promotes even solids flow to the pump inlet and an automatically adjusted make-up water valve protects the pump.  A sturdy hand railed stairway and platform on both sides and back of the screen allow for safe and easy maintenance access.

Maxam Perma Stor Silo System

Maxam Perma Stor Silo System


Promoting what it calls the first true advancement in mix storage in 40 years, Maxam Equipment was at WOA 2012 with a working model of its brand new Perma Stor Silo System. The system boasts long-term storage without oxidation, reduced maintenance costs over conventional systems, lower capital costs, and the ability to retrofit onto any existing system. The components include:

Transporter Bintop Conveying System: This rides on rails, has fewer moving parts than traditional systems, and according to Maxam is more reliable than conveyors.

Oxi-Free Oxygen Purging Inerting System: This uses dry steam to push oxygen out of the silo, is run by auto remote control, and allows for safe inerting without potentially harmful gases.

Aqua Seal Air Tight Bin Gate: This provides a true seal without grease, using an eco-friendly design to totally block air infiltration.

Troo Loc Air Tight Bin Gate: Double-density silicone seals give an air-tight seal through a self-locking, positive closure mechanism.

RAP Conveyor-Based Pre-Heating System
Ray-Tech Infrared Corp. introduced an aggregate/RAP pre-heating system that uses multiple heating units designed to be placed over a conveyor belt in close proximity to the product being conveyed. Each unit is eight feet long and can accommodate the belt width. Several independent units can be placed in series to create the exact heating and drying capacity required.

MOBA Offers Real-Time QC on Paver
The PAVE-IR system from the machine-control experts at MOBA offers paving contractors and/or transport officials a way to detect and respond to thermal segregation in real time. Thermal segregation is recognized as a leading cause of premature road failure. PAVE-IR produces a complete thermal profile of the entire project, displaying real-time data to the paver operator, but also storing the files for later review on MOBA’s Pave Project Management software. The complete job profile can be displayed with GPS co-ordinates and colour scale.  Several US jurisdictions are looking at this technology for contract supervision.

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