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Wajax distributing Lutz-JESCO pumps

March 2, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

March 2, 2016 – Wajax Industrial Components has added Lutz-JESCO dosing and metering pump equipment, chemical feed systems, and related components to its product portfolio, offering customers across Canada a variety of pumps and pumping systems designed for some of the harshest operating conditions that exist.

“Wajax selected Lutz-JESCO because it was looking for options for not only single metering pumps, but complete turnkey pumping systems that included all needed accessories, were fully performance tested and were either custom-designed and built or stemming from a wide selection of prefabricated, standard systems,” said Rick Byers, business development manager – fluid handling at Wajax Industrial Components. “The Lutz-JESCO product best fits the Wajax portfolio for its customers and their process fluid markets.”

For over 75 years, Lutz-JESCO has been manufacturing dosing equipment and related components. Its products can be used in all kinds of dosing and disinfection processes, with a main focus on the treatment of drinking water, process water and industrial wastewater.

Lutz-JESCO has extensive experience in handling liquid, solid and gaseous media, covering a very broad variety of process fluids. Its pumps can be run at a drip, or flat out with maximum flow rates, and can perform in a wide spectrum of temperatures and also in really acidic environments.


Dosing pump requirements are as varied as their possible applications and uses, so the company has developed special solutions for each area of application. The extensive product selection ranges from magnetically-operated diaphragm dosing pumps, through ‘muscular’ motor-driven diaphragm dosing pumps, all the way up to piston dosing pumps for high-pressure requirements. These are used for dosing fluids with highly varied viscosities, most of which are chemically aggressive and toxic, and some of which are actually abrasive or emit gases.

“We chose Wajax Industrial Components as our chemical feed equipment partner for its coverage throughout Canada, and the company’s ability to provide fast and professional customer service within quick response times,” said Markus Seitenberg, executive vice-president and general manager at Lutz-JESCO America Corp.

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