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Vögele releases multifunctional heavy-duty paver

May 24, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

May 23, 2023, LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany – Vögele has presented customers with a new heavy duty tracked paving solution in their SUPER 1880 L. The machine is designed to handle paving with both water-bound materials and asphalt mixes, with its maximum pave width of 9.5m making it suited for both motorway projects and rural roads.

The SUPER 1880 L’s crawler tracks includes a number of features aimed at delivering precision in its performance. Each crawler track includes a separate drive and electronic control unit, which translates engine output into pave speed with no loss of power, in addition to increasing accuracy in both straight movement and steering through curves and corners. The machine’s long crawler tracks with large footprints for maximum tractive effort, allowing for constant speed regardless of terrain difficulty.

Vögele also stated the machine’s goal of optimizing material management to increase daily performance rates onsite. The long, extended hopper system of the SUPER 1880 L allows for the fast unloading of a variety of mix trucks, while its conveyor system delivers a high throughput rate and continuous material flow. Its low feed height and 15 tonne material hopper is designed for adding speed and buffer to the loading process.

The paver’s 6-cylinder 158 kW diesel engine is designed to reduce operating costs and noise emissions, due in part to an ECO mode feature that reduces nominal speed from 2,000 rpm to 1,700 rpm. The machine also comes equipped with the ErgoBasic operating system featured across Vögele’s Classic Line models, in addition to the Niveltronic Basic system, which is aimed at offering a simple and intuitive experience concerning automated grading and slope control.


An array of screed options are compatible with the SUPER 1880 L: the paver can be combined with the AB 480, AB 500, AB 570 and AB 600 extending screeds. With the addition of bolt-on extensions, the maximum paving width amounts to 7.8 m with the AB 480 extending screed, to 8.5 m with the AB 500, to 8.7 m with the AB 570, and to 9.5 m with the AB 600.


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