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Vögele presenting high-performance pavers in all sizes at CONEXPO

January 26, 2023  By Vögele

The right machine size in the Mini, Compact, Universal and Highway Class for every application

At CONEXPO 2023, Vögele will be presenting an attractive cross-section of its current product range: from the small paver, the SUPER 700i, the SUPER 1300-3i compact paver and the SUPER 1703-3i 8 ft paver through to the SUPER 2000-3i 10 ft paver, all the machines are designed to deliver productivity, efficiency and precision.

In Las Vegas the road construction specialist will be showing a selection of its products designed specially for the North American market: the SUPER 700i Mini Class paver in combination with the AB 220 extending screed, the SUPER 1703-3i 8 ft paver with the VF 500 front-mounted screed, and the SUPER 2000-3i Highway Class paver in combination with the AB 600 extending screed. The Vögele range covers the full scope of applications in road construction, from paving narrow pedestrian and cycle paths in city areas, to urban and rural roads, through to highway rehabilitation. All pavers and screeds are manufactured at the company’s main plant in Germany, and are optimally matched.

SUPER 700i Mini Class paver with AB 220 screed

Vögele will be presenting not only the optimal technical equipment for large-scale job sites, but also for narrow paving jobs such as on pedestrian and cycle paths. In combination with the AB 220 extending screed, the SUPER 700i small paver can pave at widths between 3 ft 11 in and 7 ft 3 in. Fitted with cut-off shoes, the Mini Class paver even achieves a minimum pave width of just 1 ft 8 in, and with bolt-on extensions a maximum width of 10 ft 6 in. That makes it the ideal paver for any smaller construction job demanding maneuverability and small dimensions.


The Mini Class paver comes with the ErgoBasic operating system, an intuitive and well organized concept incorporating all the basic functions for high-quality paving. They include clearly structured function and status indicators, different operating modes, glare-free backlighting for night-time jobs, and simple steering by a rotary controller. The ErgoBasic and ErgoPlus 3 operating systems are based on the same design concept and symbols, enabling users to switch easily between the different Vögele paver classes.

SUPER 1300-3i Compact Class paver with AB 340 screed

The SUPER 1300-3i is a highly compact paver yet features a maximum laydown rate of 385 tons per hour and a pave width of up to 16 ft 5 in. Whether for a combined footpath and cycle path, a farm track or a minor road or square, thanks to the AB 340 extending screed the Compact Class paver has the pave width range to match. With cut-off shoes, a pave width of just 2 ft 6 in is possible. The maximum pave width with the right bolt-on extensions is 16 ft 5 in. This makes the SUPER 1300-3i ideal for compact paving. The intuitive ErgoPlus operating system, featuring a wide array of convenience and automation functions, assures process reliability and quality when paving.

SUPER 1703-3i Universal Class paver with VF 500 screed

The SUPER 1703-3i 8 ft paver meets the demands placed on asphalt pavers in the North American road construction industry, especially when combined with the VF 500 front-mounted screed. With its compact dimensions and Pivot Steer brake, the wheeled paver features excellent maneuverability, and enables pave speeds of up to 250 ft per minute. Achieving a maximum laydown rate of 770 tons per hour and pave widths ranging from 8 ft to 15 ft 6 in, and fitted with bolt-on extensions up to 19 ft 6 in, the Universal Class paver is ideal for large commercial applications.

The paver and screed are equipped with the user-friendly ErgoPlus 3 operating system. It makes controlling the machine, including the Niveltronic Plus system for automated grade and slope control, very easy and convenient. The Vögele EcoPlus low-emissions package cuts fuel consumption by up to 25%, depending on the application and workload, and significantly reduces noise. When equipped with Vögele RoadScan, the non-contacting temperature measurement system, checking and documenting the paving temperature is very easy. Temperature monitoring across the entire surface makes quality measurable.

SUPER 2000-3i Highway Class paver with AB 600 screed

Like the SUPER 1703-3i 8 ft paver, the SUPER 2000-3i tracked paver is specially tailored to the demands of the North American market, and comes with the same features. Achieving a maximum laydown rate of 1,540 tons per hour and featuring a powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine, it is particularly suitable for paving highways and large commercial areas. In combination with the AB 600 extending screed, the paver achieves a maximum pave width of 27 ft 11 in, or even 25 ft 5 in when fitted with bolt-on extensions.

At CONEXPO, the SUPER 2000-3i is equipped with the AB 600 extending screed. In addition to vibrators, this screed features a tamper bar, meaning it achieves particularly high precompaction values. Two other screed types are also available for the 10 ft paver, specially adapted to its needs: the VF 600 front-mounted screed and the VR 600 rear-mounted screed. The screeds in the 10 ft class feature only vibrators, and effectively meet the demand of being able to pave at high speed and widely varying pave widths.

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