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The performance of crushing plants is becoming more and more complex, even as operation must be kept as simple as possible without the need for lengthy instruction or familiarization.

Kleemann’s SPECTIVE control concept is the answer. It’s easy to understand, and supports the operator in his work, as it’s simple to use:

  • The user is supported right from the beginning with the operation of the touch panel. He or she is guided step-by-step through the startup process, then the system starts.
  • On the start screen the operator sees a diagram of the entire plant with its adjustable functions.
  • The desired function is selected and the operator is guided through all necessary steps with clear instructions.
  • If a fault occurs during machine operation, a fault diagnosis is shown on the display. Downtimes are reduced with fault localization, a description of the fault, and tips on its elimination.
  • The 12-in. touch panel is not susceptible to dust and is easy to read with the adjustable light and contrast settings, even in strong sunlight. It responds to the touch of fingers, tools, pens, or gloves.

In contrast to previous control systems of crushing plants, SPECTIVE keeps it simple. No unnecessary information or functions are provided in the menu. Only a few steps are required to perform a function.

With clear symbols, all plants functions are recognizable at a glance. Similar to a smart phone, the operator is guided intuitively through the control system, which is a big advantage as this reduces the potential for operating errors. Data relating to machine operation can be retrieved via the control system, and diesel and lube oil fill levels, for example, can be viewed in the plant cockpit. Automatic documentation of the operating data also is provided, permitting evaluation of plant efficiency.

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