Rock to Road

Virtual Event
Quarry Tech 2021
October 14, 2021 at 1:00pm ET



Optimization is the promise MB crusher will show you how to deliver.

Fleet and operation managers, quarry owners and engineers work around the clock to research solutions that will increase profitability in the quarry.  MB Crusher offers attachments designed to exploit more on-site opportunities to optimize pit operations.

A common example will be haulage road maintenance, its regular upkeep means a safe work environment, maximize production and lower operating costs.

MB Crusher units allow upkeeping the internal quarry roads for a fraction of the cost, by using a jaw crusher bucket and go along the road to fix any existing hole within minutes, using the overburden and rocks laying around. With an MB unit as part of the fleet drivers are riding in safer conditions; trucks wheels last longer; spoil material instead of being a concern has become a font of huge savings.


Sustainability is a priority for everyone, including the quarry sector, undeniably it is a vastly discussed topic, often promoted by the financial benefits that reusing material can offer. One step forward from talks into practice will be available at the MB Crusher virtual stand during Quarry tech.

Book your appointment with our consultant to discover more about this innovative and economic system aimed at eliminating waste and reducing the use of natural resources.

MB Crushers’ consultants are available to explain how much can be saved in terms of time and money by simply embedding sustainability, maximising material usage, minimising site risks and strengthen business revenue by increasing productivity and lowering cost per ton.

The advantages offered are easy installation on an excavator and flexibility in movement everywhere within the mine, low Owning & Operating Cost, one operator is enough to run the crusher and the base machine, consistent productivity.

Since 2001, the company has evolved while remaining true to its purpose which is: facilitating the work and make it competitive, self-contained and profitable, the range includes the screener bucket: designed for the selection of natural material like pebbles, slag heap, sand, and soil in pre and post- crushing, throughout the years this line has proven to have a wider range of application fields such as washing coal in power stations and groundskeeping.

MB grapples have a 360° rotation and a tilted coupler for a greater range of movement. Used for selecting and handling any type of material in total safety and full reliability.

The MB Crusher drum cutters line is built with a Direct Drive Twin Motor System. This direct transmission dual-motor system allows a differentiated distribution of force on the two drum-heads, reducing vibrations it has proven a perfect substitute for explosive or hydraulic hammers during extraction, even in undergoing mining.

MB Crusher bucket, the company core is widely used in several tasks in quarries, not only to process overburden but to reduce rock sized at extraction points to provide the processing plant with regular output. One motion from scooping, into crushing and loading the trucks, a time saver.

The newest line of shafts screener is designed to adapt to a range of working environments and select different types of materials with unprecedented simplicity and speed, without needing a specialist or special training.

MB Crusher jaw bucket

MB-S18 screening bucket at work in a quarry


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