Rock to Road

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Quarry Tech Virtual
October 28, 2020 at 1:00pm ET


Made in Canada for Canadian Needs

Crusher operators in Canada run in some of the most challenging conditions the world has to offer. Extreme cold and heat, some of the hardest, most abrasive rock and high energy costs.

We understand these challenges because we are the only full-line manufacturer and distributor of crushing equipment and parts in Canada – we are Canadian through and through.

Our goal is to lower your cost of crushing!

Crushing is a high-risk business. It doesn’t take much to turn a job into a money loser.

So why take unnecessary risks? Sure sometimes price seems right most often. It’s not because the price of a crusher or a part is only a part of your overall cost. How long will that crusher or part last? Can you get replacement parts in short order? Can you get a qualified technician to help you when you need it.

Unmatched Support

ELRUS has a significant footprint of technical support people, parts inventories, and service technicians where you are. No other crushing equipment company in Canada has the support close to where you work.


ELRUS has the most extensive installed base of equipment in the markets it serves because customers trust ELRUS equipment to last and run with a minimum of breakdowns and hassle.

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