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Uxbridge council approves SASE expansion

February 18, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

February 18, 2016 – The expansion of the SASE Aggregates Ltd. pit in Uxbridge has received approval despite continued opposition from nearby residents.

According to an article from, Uxbridge council approved the expansion but included a list of recommendations aimed at lessening the impact on local residents.

Had the expansion not been approved, Council feared that SASE would have a potentially strong case for an Ontario Municipal Board appeal. The appeal would have likely cost the council around $300,000 to defend.

Residents who opposed the expansion cited noise, dust and water contamination issues are the reasons why the project should not be approved.


Regional council still must approve the proposal, and the expansion plan could change between now and then. If approved, the expansion will likely begin later this year.

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