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Thurman Scale announces new TS6000 desktop scale instrument family

May 2, 2018  By Thurman Scale

May 2, 2018 – Thurman Scale, the leader in the off-road vehicle weighing industry and specialist in scales for ultra-heavy capacity off-road vehicles, announces the new TS600 vehicle scale instrument family, an economical vehicle weighing instrument with numerous features, including outbound and stored tare functions. The midrange TS600 is an excellent general-purpose vehicle scale instrument, perfect for customers who need to upgrade or replace an existing analog instrument or require a mechanical-to-digital or an analog-to-Intalogix conversion. It is also ideal for those who want a general-purpose instrument to feed serial or Ethernet weight data to a computer.

The TS600 Series is available in analog or Intalogix-ready versions and with three enclosure types:  desktop (stainless steel and black powder coated steel, NEMA 12); desk/wall mount (stainless steel, NEMA 4X); and panel mount (stainless steel and black powder coated steel, NEMA 12.)

The instruments feature a 16-segment bright red LED display, which provides easier-to-read text on the screen when compared to traditional seven segment displays. The instruments operate in three mode types: gross–tare–net mode (GTN); inbound/outbound mode (in/out); and basic in/out mode (1 button weighing).

TS60X models are analog instruments, which take the analog signal from the load cells and convert it to a digital signal inside the TS60X instrument. In multiple load cell applications, all sectional adjustments are performed at the analog summing box(es) located at the scale platform. Final scale calibration is performed through the instrument. The TS60X instruments do not offer the on-board diagnostics and digital load cell communication found in instruments featuring Intalogix Technology.


TS61X models include Intalogix, the industry leading load cell diagnostics and digital load cell communication technology. An analog load cell signal is converted to a digital signal at the scale-mounted Smart Sectional Controllers (SSCs) and sent to the instrument by means of a digital communication. TS61x instruments use this digital information to process transactions and monitor the load cell status. All sectional adjustments are performed through the TS61x instrument front panel. Final scale calibration is also performed through the instrument.

To learn more about the TS600 vehicle scale instrument family, visit:

About Thurman Scale
Specializing in scales for ultra-heavy capacity off-road vehicles, Thurman has become a recognized leader in the off-road vehicle weighing industry. Producing this type of weighing equipment for 100 years, Thurman Scale has provided its customers with the best equipment in the industry to keep their mission critical operations up and weighing with accuracy and dependability. To contact Thurman Scale directly or to find out the name and number of the Thurman Scale representative nearest you, please call 1-800-688-9741, or visit us at

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