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Three new scraper tires from Goodyear

May 18, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

The new RL-3J scraper tire built for high-speed use on moderate-to-severe underfoot conditions

May 18, 2016 – The first of several anticipated product announcements by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. has been made, with the introduction of the three new scraper tires.

The company has said that 2016 will be a year that involves ‘filling in the product gaps in high demand segments.’ In an online media conference, the first of the new product offerings was introduced, with the new scraper tire models completing the lineup offered by the company.

The RT-3A (E-3) is a 33.25R29 tire featuring a highly buttressed sidewall and geometric lug pattern for long life and enhanced mobility. The RT-3A is built with cool running radial construction for low rolling resistance and stronger fuel economy.

Complimentary to the RT-3A is the RT-3A+ (E-3+), which is a 40.5/75R39 tire. In addition to the similar features of the RT-3A, the 3A+ has an extra-deep, aggressive tread pattern for strong traction in underfoot conditions. The tire has also been tested on the Cat 990 wheel loader and on forestry forwarders to ensure the rugged design can handle the toughest scraping conditions.


The third new release in the RL-3J (E-3), a 37.25R35 tire for high-speed use on moderate-to-severe underfoot conditions. The tires feature a high-tensile steel belt package for stronger impact resistance. The centerline, zig-zag groove provides greater lateral traction, while the tapered shoulder lugs provide a self-cleaning option for forward movement.

All three tires are now available from Goodyear. Check with your local distributor for more information.

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