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The ideal tires for quarries

October 11, 2022  By BKT Tires

BKT gathers a testimonial by Cufica, a Spanish company extracting slate that has chosen EARTHMAX SR 45 M tires to equip their rigid dumpers.

Our experience with BKT tires is great. They show excellent grip, traction, resistance, and durability.

Gathering and listening to their users’ feedback is essential for BKT, since this kind of dialog is the basis for the perfection and development of new products.

For this reason, BKT has visited Cufica, a Spanish company founded in 1980. Cufica operates in the extraction and transformation of slate, a water-resistant stone of common usage, especially in roof building.

Cufica company is a leading company in Spain in the area of Valdeorras and, partially, of Bierzo that employs about one hundred people. Its main and reference market is France followed by the United Kingdom.

“Cufica has made its contribution to develop the area by sharing its value. Generally speaking, I think the company is a very important source for the area” – tells Juan Antonio Illescas Mateo, the company’s Financial Director. “People are the company’s most important asset. Since our operations rely on manpower, it is essential being able to count on qualified workers, who are aware and prepared for this type of activities.”


The people working for Cufica deal with the extraction of slate from queries, i.e. extracting, loading and finally transporting the mineral to the factory. For all these activities, a large fleet of manifold equipment including loaders, drills, dumpers, and boring machines is necessary.

To better deal with transport operations, Juan Antonio has decided to equip his five rigid dumpers with BKT EARTHMAX SR 45 M tires sized 24.00 R 35.

“In such difficult operating conditions, the required main features of a tire are robustness, grip and traction, and of course, resistance and a long tire life-cycle”, explains Fernando Buelta Gonzalez, foreman of mineral operations at Cufica. – “At our quarry, there are paths with a 10 % slope. So, above all in adverse climatic weather conditions such as rain and snow, excellent traction and grip are required. Cufica’s experience with BKT tires is extraordinary since they fully correspond to our needs and our operators can work in full safety.”

EARTHMAX SR 45 M is an All Steel radial tire that is available in three different compound types:  normal, heat resistant, and cut resistant. Thanks to its distinctive feature, a E-4-deep tread, the tire is able to withstand cuts and punctures. This is why adversities, as you can find in operating sites like extraction quarries with very demanding usage conditions, are certainly no obstacle. Excellent traction and great resistance also for transport conditions on long hauls are guaranteed for all available versions.

Actually, one of BKT’s priorities is catering for the manifold user needs by developing increasingly effective and specific products that are particularly designed for different operating conditions. This is exactly why BKT considers important the direct testimonials of those, who actually use their tires on a daily basis like Cufica.

The multinational company from India aims at a close contact with its users also by means of their website where the BKT Stories – namely user testimonials – gain broad visibility. Users can find the right product based on their specific needs.

Watch the video with the BKT Story about the company Cufica.

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