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The evolution of AVM systems into a streamlined blast documentation management platform

December 12, 2017  By Quarry Tech staff

December 12, 2018 – Modern quarry blasting operations have evolved into an extensive array of paperwork with essential documentation required for blast reporting, vibration monitoring, data regression, damage complaint resolution and blasting notifications. This often results in an unmanageable clutter that can quickly grow out of hand. Existing autonomous vibration monitoring systems (AVMs) can presently be implemented to handle the processing of vibration monitoring by providing a soft real‐time supply of vibration data to all necessary stakeholders.

As a logical extension of this existing platform, AVM systems are evolving to provide a simple and streamlined service to manage nearly all of the blasting related paperwork that a quarry must now manage. Systems can now facilitate the input and management of blast information, provide soft real‐time vibration data, record and track the status of damage complaints and their resolution, and facilitate the distribution of blasting notifications. All of the information exists in a cross‐referenceable database where any number of statistical associations can be determined between explosive parameters, excessive vibrations and associated complaints.

At the inaugural Quarry Tech forum, taking place on Feb. 22, 2018 in Calgary, various quarry sites will be examined to demonstrate the success, practicality and benefit of AVM systems.

Speaker: Mitch Malcomson, Explotech Engineering


Who should attend?
•Quarry and sand & gravel pit operations managers and owners
•Process engineers
•Optimization staff
•Design consultants
•Fleet managers

What will you learn?
•Autonomous vibration monitoring systems for ensuring compliance with vibration regulations and contract specifications;
•Crushing Panel: The latest crushing technologies and applications with case studies showing how they are lowering costs, increasing production and improving safety and maintenance procedures at pits and quarries across Canada;
•The latest in washing including washscreen optimization, the evolution of portable wash plants, fines recovery and water management best practices;
•Innovative dust safety processes and practices;
•Obtaining quality drone data to enhance your aggregate operations; and
•Breaking bottlenecks using information processing software.

Radisson Hotel
Calgary, Alta.

For a full detailed preview of the agenda or to register, visit

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