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The advantages of ready-mix concrete

August 23, 2018  By CONEXPO-CON/AGG


Depending on the size of your project, the amount of space onsite and your available manpower, there are advantages and disadvantages to using ready-mix concrete versus site-mix concrete. One new market report suggests there is growing favouritism for ready-mix concrete over site-mix concrete.

Radiant Insights points to some key reasons the market is moving toward ready-mix concrete including:
• Reliability of concrete;
• Customizability for precise necessities and capacity; and
• Verified physical and mechanical strong point of the concrete.

Further, the use of ready-mix concrete results in small waste, efficient workflow, and removes the necessity for storing ready-mix cement and additional raw materials on the construction location. It also decreases the time and necessity of the labor force, while reducing the pollution of the noise and dust.

This is a growing trend — especially internationally. Asia Pacific will see an increase in the amount of infrastructure developments in China, India, Thailand, and Singapore, which are motivators for progress in this market. Also, according to the report, the international ready-mix concrete market is economical and differentiated due to the existence of a number of provincial and intercontinental companies across the globe.


In general, this type of concrete is expected to experience a surge across the globe, as it offers an alternative option. The end result just might be reduced costs and resources on the construction jobsite.

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