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Terex Washing Systems to showcase specially-tailored washing plant

June 11, 2021  By Rock to Road Staff

Terex Washing Systems' specially-tailored wash plant for ReadyMix's Brinny site in Co. Cork, Ireland. Courtesy of Terex.

To be held on June 22, 2021, Terex Washing Systems’ (TWS) Virtual Live End to End Washing Solution Showcase will be streamed live from Keohane ReadyMix’s Brinny site, which is located in County (Co.) Cork, Ireland.

A provider of concrete products, sand, and aggregates, Keohane ReadyMix’s Brinny site sees the extraction and production of sand and gravel products, most of which goes to Keohane’s concrete operations based in Innishannon, Co. Cork.

In the second quarter of 2020, TWS worked with Keohane to replaced the Brinny site’s old wash plant, with a specially-tailored wash plant made to meet the specifications and needs of Keohane’s application and site.

Keohane’s Brinny site includes a H30 feed hopper, as well as a subterranean water tank system. Courtesy of Terex.

Tailored to specific needs

During the live showcase, attendees will see the unique features of the wash plant, including the high angle H30 feed hopper, designed to take a direct truck dump feed. Another site-specific added feature includes a subterranean water tank system beneath the plinth of the machine, which holds the freshwater tank and dirty water tank sump and is designed to reduce the footprint of the machine on the Brinny site.


A walk-through with the experts

Additionally during the live showcase, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from TWS’s team of washing experts, who will give a walk-through of the operational site and further showcase the equipment components that make up the full plant. Attendees can hear about the features of the equipment, and the TWS team will provide a full scope of the ‘end to end washing solution’.

Once the walk-through is complete, attendees will have the chance to ask ‘live’ questions to the TWS team, to learn more about the machine, the features, or anything related to their own specific washing needs.

To register for the event, visit:

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