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Terex Bid-Well partners with Terex MPS

April 10, 2017  By Terex Corporation

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April 10, 2017 – Now part of the Terex Materials Processing Systems (Terex MPS), Terex Bid-Well announces a strategic alliance with Terex MPS sales and support to grow its equipment sales and service beyond the U.S. market. The concrete paving equipment manufacturer will leverage synergies with the Terex MPS sales and certain distributor locations to significantly expand Terex Bid-Well’s global customer sales and support capabilities. 

“We are excited to work with the Terex MPS sales and distribution network, so we can offer a deeper level of customer sales and service for our versatile concrete paver design,” says Christal Dietzenbach, site director for Terex Bid-Well. “The experienced Terex MPS team already sells equipment that produces the material used to make the concrete paved by our equipment. We see many advantages for our customers by striking this relationship.” 

The partnership includes the full line of Terex Bid-Well concrete paving and placing equipment used for paving flatwork, overlays, parking lots, city streets, bridge decks, highways, airports, slopes and canals. Terex MPS representatives have completed extensive factory training covering the equipment’s design, features, capabilities and significant advantages. These representatives will work directly with paving contractors and Terex Bid-Well technicians to help customers select the right equipment to efficiently fit their needs. 

“Customers in many global markets can benefit from the quality increases and efficiency gains offered by the flexible Terex Bid-Well paver design. Contractors manually hand-pouring flatwork and bridge deck projects can substantially improve ride smoothness while significantly reducing labor costs and time requirements by using Terex Bid-Well pavers,” Simon Croker, global product line director, Terex MPS. 


“Additionally, our paver can complete many applications historically paved by concrete slipform pavers, but at a fraction of the acquisition cost to lower long-term operating costs. Plus the Terex Bid-Well paver offers on-the-fly paving-width changes, which slipform pavers do not.” 

Inventor, innovator of flexible concrete paving equipment
More than 55 years ago, Terex Bid-Well invented the flexible automatic roller paver design. A single paving carriage traveled across a variable-width truss frame to effectively meter, seal and finish the concrete in a single pass. Originally made for bridge deck paving, the paver design has evolved into a full line of equipment to pave applications from bridge decks, highways and airports to canals and slopes. 

Today’s Terex paving equipment offering includes the Terex® Bid-Well 2450, 3600 and 4800 pavers. Configurable with a range of options so virtually any bridge deck design can be paved full-width, the paver’s carriage can be equipped with an internal vibration system so the machine can pave flatwork applications such as parking lots, city streets and county highways. The 2450 paver offers standard paving widths from 9 to 56 ft (2.4 to 17.1 m), while the 3600 can pave standard widths reaching 96 ft (26.2 m). The flagship 4800 paver features standard variable paving widths from 9 to 116 ft (2.4 to 35.4 m), while available transition inserts increase truss depth at the center to allow for paving widths to expand up to 190 ft (54.9 m). 

At a significantly lower purchase price than slipform pavers, the Terex Bid-Well 5000 and 6000 airport and highway pavers are built with the weight and frame rigidity to deliver high-production flatwork paving. Pin-connected frame inserts offer fast paving width changes from 12 to 68 ft (3.6 to 20.7 m), increasing paver uptime for more paving days in a season. Featuring leg end segments that offer on-the-fly, variable-width paving, the 5000 and 6500 pavers deliver cost-efficient paving of flared, parabolic and radius slabs up to 24 in (61 cm) deep. 

The flexible frame design of the Terex Bid-Well 7000 pavers allow for paving full- and half-width trapezoidal canals and straight slopes reaching 45 degrees. With a base machine length of 30 ft (9.1 m), the pavers can be quickly expanded to meet up to 84-ft (25.6-m) paving widths. The power console and power unit on the paving carriage tilt to remain level during operation. 

All Terex Bid-Well pavers feature a robust paving carriage that includes the patented Rota-Vibe system. This exclusive Terex Bid-Well feature imparts up to 5,000 vpm (83.3 Hz) over the roller’s entire length to consolidate the top 2.5 in (63.5 mm) of concrete, delivering a denser and more uniformly consolidated concrete surface. 

The Terex Bid-Well product offering also includes standard, heavy-duty and super heavy-duty workbridge models that follow the paver to bridge fresh concrete, allowing workers finish the surface. Fully adjustable features on Terex Bid-Well texturing/curing machines perform both longitudinal and transverse texturing/curing as well as transverse texturing and longitudinal curing. The Terex Bid-Well CP240 Placer distributes concrete ahead of the paver at maximum widths reaching 60 ft (18.3 m) and variable speeds of up to 700 fpm (213 mpm). 

More information Terex Bid-Well Paving Equipment can be found at Terex Bid-Well Roller Pavers

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