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Talbert display their tailor-made talent with custom-crafted heavy haul trailer

April 18, 2023  By Rock to Road Staff

April 12, 2023, RENSSELAER, Ind. – As the heavy construction sector grows more complex, so do the necessary solutions. Heavy haul equipment manufacturer Talbert understands this sentiment, exemplified in the customized 70SA-RC-RA trailer that the company displayed at last month’s CONEXPO in Las Vegas, which was specifically designed to fit the weight and mobility needs for Aurora, Illinois’ Atlas Crane Services.

The centerpiece of the made-to-order trailer is the E3Nitro axle extension, which through a combination of hydraulic fluid and nitrogen equalizes pressure to the point of allowing the trailer to load up to 85 tonnes. Importantly, its 3+3+3 axle design, crafted with lightweight components and flexible fenders, aims to ensure proper weight distribution for Atlas Crane’s significant loading needs, and help them meet weight regulations without sacrificing durability.

All three rows of axles feature a wide centre bolster, with axle 3 also including a lightweight rear half bolster to ensure even weight distribution between trailer and truck. Customizations are also available for clients looking for four or five axle versions of the 70SA-RC-RA, and a gooseneck extension that allows for up to a 222-inch swing radius. Without the extension, the trailer offers a swing radius of 120 inches.

Each version of the 70SA-RC-RA is made for resilience, from the 100,000-psi minimum yield steel to the corrosion-resistant paint that each trailer features, no matter the client or the demands of their industry. Talbert is fluent in catering to a range of market needs, with clients spanning sectors as diverse as renewable energy, aerospace, heavy construction, in-plant material handling, and manufacturing and processing systems.


“At Talbert, we get to know our customers and the industries they serve,” said Troy Geisler, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Our team ensures that when we receive an order from a customer, they are getting a trailer that is custom-engineered to fit their unique operations.”

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