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Rock to Road checks out some of the latest washing technologies available for the aggregates sector.

December 6, 2017  By Rock to Road Staff report

December 6, 2017 – The Alliance Low Water Washer allows operators to wash crusher dust right next to the crushing circuit, eliminating the cost of handling and hauling these fines to a new washing circuit.

Superior Industries
The Alliance Low Water Washer allows operators to wash crusher dust right next to the crushing circuit, eliminating the cost of handling and hauling these fines to a new washing circuit. This unit is designed with a small footprint, which allows it to be easily incorporated into an existing plant. The Alliance Low Water Washer turns tailings into a salable manufactured sand. Customers experience 80 per cent less water consumption when washing straight off of a dry feed. The Alliance Low Water Washer is manufactured in models for rates up to 300 tph (272 mtph).

Haver & Boecker
Haver & Boecker offers the skid-mounted Hydro-Clean 1000 Wash Plant as a complete solution. In addition to a Hydro-Clean 1000 washing system combined with a Tyler L-Class vibrating rinse screen, Haver & Boecker now offers semi-portability by mounting the complete system on a custom skid structure. The opportunity to purchase the three components together saves operations months of time they would have spent on designing and building a skid structure for a wash plant.

KPI-JCI’s team of mechanical, civil and electrical engineers apply nearly a century of experience designing, building and manufacturing the world’s highest quality equipment. They deliver creative and accurate systems with a product mix of fine and coarse material washers, log washers, blademills, classifying tanks, dewatering screens and other fines recovery products. The company also offers support by one of the most committed parts and service staff in the industry, 24/7.


Phoenix Process Equipment
The Phoenix Model HS Hydrosort excels in a number of mineral processing roles including sharp size classification, density sorting, and washing/rinsing granular solids. Precise overflow slurry density tracking and the controlled, flexible addition of upward current water provide easy adjustment of the Hydrosort operation to meet product specifications. The cut size can be varied over a broad size range, while density sorting of light weight contaminants from sand or silica sand from heavy minerals is feasible. Applications include: classification of sand and other minerals by particle size; separation of light, deleterious materials; specialty sand production; and flexible production to meet changing DOT/customer sand specifications.

The MWS Scavenger can be used in a variety of applications including classification, dewatering and fines recovery. The plant is designed to produce a higher product yield recovering +200 Mesh (+75micron) solids. Key features include: a modular design; recovery of product size material lost to the pond via the screw washer overflow weirs; and higher product yield.

McLanahan Fine Material Screw washer boxes are designed with longer weirs and a larger pool area behind the baffle plate for retaining more +200 mesh or 75 Micron fines. Fine Material Screw Washers are designed with longer shafts for more dewatering, resulting in a dryer product than with competitive units. They are a low cost, low power, sand processing solution that ensures you retain the optimal amount of fines. McLanahan Fine Material Screw Washers come in many sizes and configurations so that the appropriate size washer box and screw shaft(s) can be selected to accommodate your sand and water capacities.

EIW Classifying Tanks with MARK VI Control System update are designed to remove large volumes of excess water from feed material. EIW Classifying Tanks smooth out feed fluctuations and remove excess sand particles for a consistent in-spec product. Recently, the MARK VI computerized sand re-blending control system was introduced to make stockpile calibration easier and faster, allowing for a varying number of controlled products, as well as calibrated tons per hour forecast of the products produced. Producers using the MARK VI system maintain tighter control of their products’ Fineness Modulus. It can handle up to two tanks simultaneously.

Terex Washing Systems
Mobile, modular and static washing solutions for sand and gravel and demolition waste. AggreSand is a highly versatile integrated washing system with outstanding performance capability across a wide spectrum of materials and the ability to offer up to five washed and sized products. The range includes numerous modular configurations but all are based around the choice of a 16’ x 5′ or 20’ x 6′ washing screen and a choice of sand output capacities. Its features include: a high frequency de-watering screen; twin cyclones; 20’ x 6’ 3-deck screen unit; 16 cu. yd. hopper; stockpiling conveyors; and an automated control system.

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