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Saskatchewan testing pavement markings on highway north of Regina

July 12, 2021  By Rock to Road Staff

Line painting tests. Photo: Government of Saskatchewan

Motorists heading to Regina from the north on Highway 11 may have noticed some unusual pavement markings as the Ministry of Highways begins testing paint products.

Samples of a number of paint products have been applied to the highway to test which last the longest, and best hold to the road surface. After six months each product will be evaluated, with the best ones being used for the next four years.

“Pavement marking is one of the most important safety elements the Ministry of Highways invests in,” Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said.

“Motorists rely on properly-painted lines every day and using high-quality products ensures we can deliver on that expectation in the most cost-effective way.”


Pavement marking helps decrease collisions by clearly delineating centre lines, edge lines, lane lines, intersection layouts and pavement signs. Saskatchewan uses paint products that contain recycled glass beads, which enhance the durability of the paint and create reflectivity that makes lines more visible in dark and poor weather conditions.

By the numbers

Each kilometre of solid line requires 31 litres of paint, with 46,500 kilometres of centre and shoulder line painting planned for the 2021-22 construction season. There are 36,000 pavement signs being painted as well.

“CAA supports investment in smart infrastructure, which includes high-quality line paint/pavement marking,” CAA Saskatchewan’s Communications Director Christine Niemczyk said. “Not only does clear marking on the road improve safety, but it also extends the life of the road. In fact, a recent report commissioned by CAA revealed that spending one dollar on pavement preservation today eliminates or delays spending $6 to $10 on costly rehabilitation or reconstruction in the future.”

The pavement marking team increased the number of kilometres marked in the 2020-21 construction season by 13 per cent, thanks in part to a budget increase of $1.6 million. That increase is maintained in the 2021-22 budget, keeping the pavement marking budget at $9 million.

10,000 km of highways to be upgraded, built

The Government of Saskatchewan is improving more than 1,350 km of provincial highways this year, the second of its 10-year Growth Plan goal to build and upgrade 10,000 km of highways. With this year’s projects, the province is ahead of the pace needed to meet this target.

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