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Roadtec releases the CB-100 conveyor broom

March 29, 2016  By  Andrew Macklin

March 29, 2016 – The Roadtec CB-100 Conveyor Broom is a mobile, self-propelled sweeping machine designed to clean material from work sites. Conveyor brooms are used for asphalt milling, snow removal and construction site sweeping. The CB-100 offers a patented clean sweep system designed to yield cleanup in one pass.

The CB-100 weighs 7711 kg (17,000 lbs.) and features an exclusive flow system design. The 812.8 mm (32 in) diameter brush rotates at 150 rpm with adjustable, free-floating design. The brush is 1828.8 mm (6 ft.) wide. Front-mounted rakes comb through material to separate and remove large debris. Strike-off blades cut material heights to manageable levels. Specially designed, dual moldboards direct material to center, preventing end gate seepage and material loss. Front discharge, endless-cleated, 813 mm (32 in.) conveyors transfer debris away from the work zone, which may eliminate the expense of vacuum trucks.

The machine features a heavy-duty frame and axles. It is powered by a low-emissions, 99 hp Kubota Tier-4 interim engine. The hydrostatic transmission is designed to provide smooth controlled acceleration for all speeds. The brakes are oil-bathed and sealed, which is intended to extend wear life.

The CB-100 Conveyor Broom features folding end-gates which allow for quicker brush changes during operation. Grease points, filters, and the electrical system are in locations designed to be easy to access.


The machine’s operator cabin is pressurized, dust-free, climate controlled and ROPS certified. Plush seats, sliding seat options, windshield wipers and fingertip control panels are designed to provide comfort and optimized visibility.

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