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Roadtec displays MTV at bauma

May 1, 2019  By ROADTEC

Booth FS.1109/4 at bauma 2019 in Munich was displaying two world-class material transfer vehicles from Roadtec. The rubber track MTV-1105e was on display as part of the Astec Industries booth.

The rubber track MTV-1105e transfers asphalt material from a truck to a paver for non-contact paving. With tracks made for any environment, you never have to worry about the jobsite base.

Roadtec Material Transfer Vehicles (MTVs)
The MTV-1100e and MTV-1105e material transfer vehicles allow simple entry into non-contact paving. These machines were designed from the ground up with operator features coming second only to paving performance. Roadtec is famous for durability and strength, and the wheeled MTV-1100e and the tracked MTV-1105e are no exception. While they are fabricated from heavy-duty steel, these MTVs are light enough to avoid weight permits for most transports.

They are compact, easy to maneuver machines designed for customers who must work in spaces too tight for a Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® MTV.


Durability, Efficiency, and Easy Maintenance
From durability, to user-friendly systems, to simple operation and improved material handling—Roadtec took countless considerations into designing the best no storage material transfer vehicles.

Reduce Costs with Durable Parts Built to Last
All conveyors on the MTV-1100 and MTV-1105 are outfitted with a durable roller bushing chain. Slats are crafted from abrasion-resistant steel, and thick wear plate linings are installed on the conveyor floors. The floor of the paver-loading conveyor is insulated against heat loss. Rails installed at the bottom of the conveyor help protect it from damage that could be caused by impact with a paver.

Boost Efficiency with Quick Unloading
Sized for mass discharge from standard haul trucks, the front hopper allows trucks to unload fast. A vibrating bottom plate in the hopper prevents material build-up. Heavy-duty, swiveling support casters under the hopper assure smooth movement. Complete functionality of the dump hopper is easily controlled by the operator from the main operator platform, requiring less working crew and saving money.

Blend Consistently with Triple Pitch Augers
Triple pitch augers, like those that remix in the Shuttle Buggies, are on the MTV-1100e and MTV-1105e. Placed in the front dump hopper, these augers work to blend materials where there is the largest selection available. From there, the MTV uses standard slat-chain conveyors to carefully move material back to the paver.

Enjoy Maximum Visibly with Innovative Platform
The inventive platform design for the MTV-1100e and MTV-1105e creates open space for exceptional visibility all around the machine. The unobstructed view of the work area means a ground man is no longer required. The lower vantage point also offers the best possible views.

Improve Safety with Staircase Accessibility
The MTV has an innovative staircase entrance, instead of a ladder. The staircase allows the crew to cross over the machine, and over the paving line, instead of moving between equipment. This limits the risk of creating footprints in the mat, and makes a safer work environment. The staircase also makes it easy for the operator to communicate with those on the ground, improving safety and productivity.

Drive Comfortably with Single Joystick
A single joystick controls all propel functions, direction, and speed, for both the wheeled and tracked MTVs. Simple switches with carefully arranged layouts make using the Roadtec MTV easy and smooth. Backlit panels make night jobs just as easy as day jobs. Switches are durable, long lasting, and create a tactile operation that allows users to keep their eyes on the road. These are the features your crew wants.

Float on Any Base with Ease
With the MTV-1105e, you never have to worry about the jobsite base—the tracked MTV-1105e can handle it. If the ground is solid enough for paving, the MTV-1105e smoothly and effortlessly carries material anywhere you need. There’s never a concern about slipping a wheel and leaving a rut.

Maneuver Confidently with Unlimited Grip
The larger contact patches of a tracked machine enable easier maneuvering on soft bases. Additionally, the MTV-1105e can push trucks without worry. Whether climbing steep grades or moving over heavy tack, the additional rubber on the road gives the operator the confidence to keep the job going.

Experience Time Tested Durability
The rubber band on the MTV-1105 track system is time tested and well established, because it is identical to the Roadtec RP-195e tracked paver. The track system, as well as the pump and motors, are proven to handle heavy loads and tough conditions successfully. The MTV-1105 is ready to tackle any paving job with ease.

Rest Assured with Stress-Free Maintenance
Hydraulically operated clean-out doors on each conveyor make end-of-day cleaning easy and quick. Remote located grease points and fluid-fills are worked into stress-free routine maintenance. The main electrical box and DEF tank, along with almost all other maintenance items, are easy to reach from the ground, and don’t force your crew to open the hood or crawl on the ground for regular checks.

Improve Productivity with Long Life Clad Wear Liners
The MTV’s conveyor floor plates are clad to ensure a long life. Running hot mix asphalt all day, every day can take a toll on weaker steals. Fortunately, with clad liners in these MTVs, it will be as is there is no wear at all. The floor pans stand up to material like never before.

Work Safely with a Durable Frame
The MTV-1100e has an extremely strong frame that is fabricated, welded, and assembled by Roadtec. Using American steel, these machines are built by dedicated technicians in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At Roadtec, we don’t assemble parts—we build machines.

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