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Ritchie Bros. Inspection Services completes 600,000 inspections in 2020

April 7, 2021  By Rock to Road

Toronto Auction Ritchie Bros. inspectionPhoto: Ritchie Bros.

Vancouver. B.C. – Ritchie Bros. Inspection Services completed more than 600,000 equipment inspections in 2020, taking over 15 million photos and analyzing hundreds of thousands of oil samples in its in-house fluid analysis lab. Ritchie Bros. inspects tens of thousands of equipment items each month, in preparation for sale in one of its live or online auctions with Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, weekly online marketplaces at IronPlanet, and a daily reserved solution in Marketplace-E.

The company also inspects tens of thousands of additional items to support customers for lease returns, financing, trade-ins, repossessions, private sale, asset verification, and more.

Ritchie Bros. is much more than auctions today. We offer a wealth of services, insights, and transaction solutions to help customers better manage and dispose of commercial assets,” said Logan Mellott, vice-president of commercial operations, Ritchie Bros. “Ritchie Bros. inspections are needed by customers every day and we believe we have the best team and technology in the industry, uniquely positioning us to innovate and develop targeted services and solutions to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customer base.”

With a wealth of new services and insights in recent years, Ritchie Bros. launched an end-to-end asset management and disposition tool called RB Asset Solutions in 2019. It includes a FREE inventory management system where customers can upload their fleet with photos and detailed info. From RB Asset Solutions, customers can also request an inspection, appraisal, and other services with a click of a button.


“Inspections are needed throughout the lifecycle of an asset, not just prior to sale,” added Mr. Mellott. “We want our customers to know that we are here to help them all year round. With RB Asset Solutions, Inspection Services, and the complete suite of tools we offer, Ritchie Bros. is here to help with your success.”

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