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The latest pumps and pump accessories for aggregate and road building applications.

July 25, 2017  By Rock to Road Staff report

Tsurumi Pumps’ Agitator Pumps for heavy-duty slurry applications are ideal for quarry and gravel pit drainage. Image: Tsurumi Pumps

July 25, 2017 – Rock to Road checks out the latest pumps and accessories for road building and aggregate operations.

Agitator Pumps
Tsurumi Pumps’ Agitator Pumps for heavy-duty slurry applications are ideal for quarry and gravel pit drainage. The abrasive-resistant, three-phase and single-phase pumps are available with either cast iron or synthetic rubber casings, and come complete with high chrome agitators, impellers and suction covers. They are available in the HS/HSD Series, NK Series, KTV Series, KTD Series, KRS Series, GPN Series and GSD Series. Features include an anti-wicking cable entrance; internal thermal motor protection; dual inside, and silicon carbide mechanical seals.

Vertical turbine pumps
Goulds Water Technology’s (GWT) line of vertical turbine pumps features superior hydraulic coverage that delivers the pump head and capacity a system requires, while maximizing efficiency and extending pump life. All GWT vertical turbine models come with state-of-the-art pump design, which enables them to be configured as a multistage assembly. This provides flexibility in initial pump selection and future system modifications. GWT vertical turbine models are engineered and customized based on the pump’s application. To meet the needs of each environment, the pump units are available in a wide range of metallurgies for both casted and fabricated components.

Submersible cutters
Dragflow hydraulic cutters EXHY can be attached directly to the pump creating a self-contained excavating system for hard compacted soil where a mechanical excavator would otherwise be required. The cutting head is designed to reduce the cost of wear parts thanks to interchangeable hard teeth. Other features include a robust hydraulic motor; and the cutters are designed to work up to a 250-metre working depth, handled by steel cable.


Control panel
Thompson Pump’s RECON2000T control panel with enhanced functions using interactive technology allows for remote pump control and monitoring, and reduces the time and labour needed on-site. The control panel allows the user to operate the pump and supervise performance from a smartphone, laptop, desktop computer or any other device with Internet access. The unit utilizes cellular and satellite networks for a secure and reliable connection and comes Wi-Fi ready. It gives operators informational access and control over the pump unit with the ability to remotely monitor the unit, record data and vary speed. The dashboard displays all the same pump and engine data as it appears on the RECON2000T control panel on-site. If there’s a problem with the pump or engine, the unit can be setup to notify the user on an Internet-activated device.

Trash water pump
Generac’s T20-S trash water pump is designed, engineered and manufactured to offer reliable water removal for construction crews. It has a 211cc Subaru engine that pumps up to 185 GPM and passes solids up to 1” in size. It is built with a 3-gal. fuel tank with integrated fuel gauge that keeps it running for over five hours before refuelling.

Indefinite dry-running pump
The Godwin Dri-Prime CD400M pump offers flow rates to 9,770 USGPM and has the capability of handling solids up to 4.9″ in diameter.
The CD400M is able to automatically prime to 28′ of suction lift from dry. Automatic or manual starting/stopping available through integral mounted control panel or optional wireless, remote access. Indefinite dry-running is no problem due to the unique Godwin liquid bath mechanical seal design. It has an all cast iron construction with cast steel impeller; and is available in a critically silenced unit, which reduces noise levels to less than 70 dBA at 30’.

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