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Pulse on public infrastructure concerns being taken in Manitoba

November 12, 2018  By MHCA

The MHCA and Merit Contractors Association will be testing public attitudes towards infrastructure, specifically their top of mind concerns about highways, and how Manitoba can adequately invest in those roads to ensure the economy continues to grow.

MHCA and Merit will be conducting, with media consultants, two focus groups – young and older – to test their knowledge of infrastructure, funding and what are their priorities when it comes to keeping our highways in good condition.

“We know that our highways carry trade, and trade is 53 per cent of our provincial economy, but we want to know how aware those in the general public are of this fact, of the critical role that good, efficient and reliable transportation infrastructure plays in the economy and its growth,” MHCA president Chris Lorenc said. “The current provincial government has slashed the highways budget by $318.5 million, in cuts and under-expenditures, since 2016 – that leads to further deterioration of the highways and it hurts economic growth.”

The results of the focus groups will help the MHCA and Merit in preparing public messages to be carried on traditional and social media this fall.


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