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Product Showcase: November/December 2010

December 3, 2010
By aggregates


Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has released the FC-25 series of pocket-sized, rugged field controllers. Both the FC-25 and the FC-25A utilize the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. Features include a large screen, lightweight design (11.3 ounces), a 533-megahertz processor, integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity, a SDHC card slot and USB port, and a replaceable Li-ion battery.

The controllers are dustproof, waterproof and drop-proof from five feet.

The FC-25A includes a built-in three-megapixel camera, compass and altimeter.

Mark Contino, vice-president of TPS product marketing, says, “The FC-25 series is the perfect field controller; it’s small, fast, accurate and is rugged enough to be used on any jobsite.” Both new units are suitable for various worksites, including GIS and construction projects. With Bluetooth connectivity and a battery life of almost eight hours, he describes the FC-25 as a true workhorse for any job.



Ambitious do-it-yourselfers can take on big compaction projects with Ammann‘s safety-conscious, heavy-duty, walk-behind plate compactors. The new AVP 3920, 4920 and 5920 models in Ammann’s lineup of reversible plate compactors have been designed for easy handling and simple operation. The compactors’ manoeuvrability, fast traction and climbing ability give operators greater control, allowing them to achieve ideal compaction results easily. The series models range in size from 580 lb. to 935 lb. (264 kg to 425 kg), are powered by gasoline engines from 8.6 to 11.1 hp (6.3 to 8.2 kW), with heavy-duty units achieving compaction from 20 to 28 in. (50 to 70 cm). The robust centrifugal clutch and wear-resistant V-belt minimize shop time and assure reliability on the job.


The Telsmith H2238 is the latest addition to Telsmith’s Hydra-Jaw series. Its advanced jaw crusher technology offers lower operating costs, increased uptime and production capacity, streamlined operation and maintenance, and greater safety. The H2238 (along with the previously introduced H2550) addresses reduced operating costs through a unique hydraulic toggle system featuring a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder that is custom-engineered for crushing applications. Its innovative hydraulic adjustment, relief and clearing systems eliminate costly downtime and prevent component damage, while also protecting workers from the operation and maintenance risks of older jaw crusher models. Another key feature is the Pitman Lockout Pin that locks the Pitman in the forward position, allowing the toggle to be retracted, lowered and moved away for maintenance in one safe, simple operation. Portable crushing contractors will find the FEA-designed H2238 easy to install on wheeled or track-mobile units.                                     


Polar Lube
Most air tool and pneumatic control users are unaware that air lines can freeze up at 40 F. As the pressure drops from 100 pounds per square inch down to atmosphere through the tool or valve, the compressed air, which is always at 100 per cent humidity, supercools rapidly and can freeze up the equipment.

Polar Lube technology replaces your regular lubricant in the filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) unit and prevents freeze-up. In fact, it will protect air lines at temperatures as low as -60 F. Adding it to a frozen tool inlet will unfreeze the tool.

Polar Lube is suitable for any unheated space applications in industrial plants, pipelines, mills, and forestry, construction, military and government facilities. It lubricates and will not affect o-rings, seals, rotor blades, bowls or hoses, and is compatible with all drop, mist or automatic lubricators.