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Port Mann bridge takes shape

July 23, 2010  By  Stefanie Wallace


Port Mann bridge takes shape
The Port Mann Bridge/Highway 1 Improvement Project is one-third complete, on time and on budget.

July 23, 2010, Surrey, B.C. – The Port Mann Bridge/Highway 1 Improvement Project is one-third complete, on time and on budget, Premier Gordon Campbell and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond announced as pre-cast bridge segments were installed on the new bridge.

“Once completed, the new Port Mann Bridge and Highway 1 upgrades will have significant benefits for families who use this corridor to get to and from work,” said Premier Campbell. “By reducing round-trip travel times by up to an hour per day, commuters will have more time to spend with their family and loved ones. The project is also supporting our economic recovery, creating approximately 8,000 jobs.”


“The Port Mann Bridge is one of the most important corridors in Western Canada for the movement of goods and people and it is essential that we reduce congestion,” said Bond. “The new bridge is scheduled to open to traffic in 2012, a full year ahead of schedule, and will give commuters, truckers and transit users a faster, more efficient trip to and from their destinations, cutting travel times by up to 30 per cent.”

The bridge will provide badly needed capacity to meet current and future traffic demand, including a new RapidBus service that will allow commuters to travel all the way from a new Langley transit exchange to Burnaby SkyTrain in 23 minutes. This will provide for the first bus service across the Port Mann Bridge in well over 20 years. In addition to RapidBus service, the bridge will be built to accommodate potential light rapid transit at a future date, and it will expand networks for cyclists and pedestrians.

The project also includes widening Highway 1, upgrading interchanges, and improving access and safety from McGill Street in Vancouver to 216th Street in Langley, a distance of approximately 37 kilometres. One lane of highway will be added in each direction west of the new bridge, and two lanes in each direction east of the bridge, one of which will be an HOV lane.

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