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Optimizing real-time, ready-mix driver delivery

January 26, 2017  By Ron Wallace/GivenHansco

January 27, 2017 – GivenHansco, a leading developer of integrated producer-driven software products for the ready-mix construction industry, has successfully field tested and is now launching its new Keystone On-Delivery Mobile App that optimizes daily driver operations in Ready-Mix organizations. 

An extension of its advanced Keystone Office suite Dispatch, On–Delivery is the first of its kind mobile app that provides a personalized live business app experience that can be tailored to producers specific needs for its daily ready-mix driver operations. 

Designed by GivenHansco in-house from the ground up, On-Delivery is written for and compatible with most Android devices. Paired with Keystone Dispatch it delivers the capabilities producers need to schedule and track drivers and trucks on one screen−including truck routing, asset tracking, dispatch ticket informa 

Implemented into daily ready-mix driver operations, its logistical power and flexibility streamlines essential driver tasks to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Its clean, modern design is responsive and easy to use with a multitude of functions that provide an immediate overview of vital driver delivery information from plant to job site that can be leveraged from virtually anywhere including: 


Truck routing
▪ Voice guidance and visual navigation to and from the job site. 
▪ Truck specific routing to and from the job site based on dimensions and weight of vehicle. 
▪ Utilizes latest traffic information to provide minimal travel time between the plant and the job site. 
▪ Automatic re-routing during transit if traffic conditions change on route. 
▪ Displays current speed limit with audible warning if travelling above the limit. 

Asset tracking 
▪ Updates Keystone GPS with vehicle location and status. 
▪ Keystone Office Driver Id login to accurately track driver hours in Keystone Accounting. 

Keystone dispatch ticket information
▪ All relevant ticket information the driver needs. 
▪ Product display including mix batch weights.

Status information 
▪ Drivers can update their status which notifies Keystone Dispatch and GPS in real-time. 

Pre- and post-trip data collection 
▪ Drivers can enter odometer reading, fuel, etc. to provide easier reporting and data collection for their business. 

Field test results: Silvi Concrete
In July 2016, GivenHansco leveraged their association with leading ready-mix manufacturer, Silvi Concrete (Fairless Hills, Penn.), to field test the Keystone On-Delivery Mobile App. Silvi implemented On-Delivery into their entire ready-mix fleet operation for union and non-union plants which included 161 ready-mix trucks and 11 bulk trucks. 

Since its inception, Silvi has used the intelligent app in its daily operations for virtually every job, and has experienced productivity increases across the board. According to Jeff Davis, Silvi’s vice-president of customer service/MIS, “The app is innovative because all the information is pulled directly from the ticket instantly, so the driver now has all the information they need (job status, products for load, directions to site, etc.) at the onset of delivery.” 

Davis noted that the GPS function alone has been a game changer−as it bypasses radio frequency issues and provides a sixty second tracking status vs. a traditional radio GPS tracking status ranging from three to nine minutes. 

Other key benefits realized by Silvi during their On-Delivery field testing include: 
▪ Ensures safety with GPS platform that shows status of high/low bridges en route to site. 
▪ Eliminates many new driver issues−all they have to focus on now is driving at the onset. 
▪ Provides Driver Punch In/Out with Payroll integration including Job Code.

The Silvi field test for On-Delivery provided a real-world platform for in-use driver productivity maximization. Notably, one of the main benefits realized is the ability to provide a personalized app experience that can be tailored to an operation’s specific needs per request. 

During the field test period, Silvi has identified key features it plans on having GivenHansco implement including: push-to-talk functions, and status updates sent to Tablet Lunch/Washout/Option, which is currently done by radio. 

According to Ron Wallace, GivenHansco vice-president, “The key inspiration for On-Delivery is to put the power of Keystone Dispatch in the palm of a Ready-Mix Organization’s hands for daily, driver delivery optimization. Ultimately, it provides anytime, anywhere access to critical driver information.” 

Keystone On-Delivery is a competitively priced add-on to the Keystone integrated product line, consisting of the award-winning Keystone Accounting, Keystone Batch, Keystone Dispatch and Keystone GPS. GivenHansco plans on expanding the mobile app platform to support more of the Keystone product line. 

All Keystone products are comprehensively backed by a customer service support system that is unparalleled in the industry. The Keystone On-Delivery Mobile App can be previewed at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2017, taking place in Las Vegas, Nev. from March 7 to 11 (Booth # S61606).

For more detailed information contact:

For over 35 years, GivenHansco has been an innovative leader in developing integrated, producer-driven software products for the ready-mix construction industry including a myriad of concrete, asphalt, and aggregate producers. Backed by the best customer service support system in the business, GivenHansco has streamlined the industry standard of power and flexibility in developing the award winning Keystone suite of Accounting, Batch, Dispatch, and GPS products under one user-friendly platform. 

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