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Ontario MPP calls for provincial recognition of Injured Workers Day

May 27, 2024  By Rock to Road Staff

SUDBURY, Ont. – A call for Ontario to officially recognize Injured Workers Day across the province by Sudbury’s NDP MPP Jamie West was met with a strong show of support by the local community and workers affected by on-site injuries.

West, along with community members both directly and indirectly affected by on-site injuries, appeared at the SteelWorkers’ Union Hall to put forth Private Member’s Bill 118, which would formally recognize Injured Workers Day in Ontario and honour those affected by workplace injuries.

Rallies are held each year on June 1 across Ontario in recognition of Injured Workers Day, with the first held in 1983 at Queen’s Park

Injured workers and their families shared their stories at the event, with West underscoring the importance of this formal recognition in creating support across Ontario’s workforce.


“That’s really what came across to me when I was asked to present this bill to be officially recognized,” said West. “It’s the right thing to do, it’s a small thing to do, but it’s so important to these injured workers and their friends and their families.”


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