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One More Load: Emergency relief needed

Industry calls for the creation of an emergency COVID-19 construction cost relief program

June 12, 2020  By Mary Van Buren

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Dear colleagues and members,

I am writing you today to ask you to support the Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) urgent request of the federal government to alleviate some of the financial pressure the industry is experiencing by creating an Emergency COVID-19 Construction Cost Reimbursement Program.

We know the Government of Canada understands that the impact of COVID-19 on construction contracts and contractors is unprecedented. This is an extraordinary situation and the construction industry is asking governments at all levels and private owners for extraordinary consideration to relieve some of these impacts to help ensure that the industry has the capacity and can mobilize quickly to build the Canada of the future.

With 20,000 member firms, employing over 1.5 million Canadians and representing 7 per cent of Canada’s GDP, our industry can have a strong voice – but only if we use it.


Operations have been impacted by supply chain disruptions, staff shortages, increased cost of materials, as well as governmental ordinances requiring partial or complete work stoppages which vary across provinces. The industry needs fair consideration from federal, provincial and municipal governments when these unprecedented circumstances have an impact on contractual agreements.

CCA recommends that eligible costs be reimbursed up to five per cent of the contract value as a starting point, subject to the program being adjusted as the duration and full impact of COVID-19 become clearer over time.

Please encourage your friends and family to send a letter to their member of parliament (MP). It takes only two minutes to make a difference.

You can send you letter through the following link:

The health, safety and well-being of our workers, their families and friends, and the communities we operate in is always the top priority of the Canadian Construction Association and our 20,000 member firms.

It’s important that we work together during this crisis. We are stronger together.

Best regards,

Mary Van Buren, MBA, CAE, President
Canadian Construction Association
1900 – 275 Slater Street Ottawa ON K1P 5H9
613-236-9455, ext. 414

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