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More from Rock to Road | Roads and Paving | Events September 20, 2013
Martin Engineering acquires TNJ Industries
Martin Engineering fills out its portfolio of dust control and suppression systems with the purchase of TNJ Industries.
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Lafarge launches new aggregate product
Available exclusively in Eastern Canada, Lafarge has introduced a new cement-treated aggregate called Stabilia.
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Cummins announces new line of heavy-duty engines
Cummins' newest engine technology, the G-series engine platform, is built for the diesel engine market to meet global emissions standards.
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Terex releases new cone crusher module
The new MC1300 Cone Module increases the application and production capabilities of Terex's existing modular product range.
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A-35 Inches Southward
Now 50 years in the making, this important trade route from Montreal to Boston is nearing its final phase of construction.
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