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More from Rock to Road | Roads and Paving | Events August 23, 2013
Housing starts set to stabilize
According to the CMHC’s third-quarter report for 2013, housing starts will stabilize in the second half of this year after a weak start to 2013.
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U.S. construction machinery exports down
Canada remains the number 1 importer of U.S. construction machinery despite a 15 per cent drop over 2012.
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Silica standards could change for U.S. paving work
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration looks to set a new standard, which the National Asphalt Pavement Association expects its members to meet.
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Timken releases new system for linking CAD drawings to products
The newest system from Timken, field tested in Ohio, will allow contractors to download CAD drawings to the system in order to link to Timken’s product base.
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Screening goes high tech
From the pages of Rock to Road, Treena Hein looks at the innovations behind the business of screen media.
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